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Global Economic Prospects

Global Economic Prospects 2010

Slowly, the world economy is recovering from the financial crisis. But a tougher financial landscape lies ahead, with scarcer financing and high unemployment. The fallout from the crisis will change the landscape for finance and growth over the next 10 years, according to the World Bank's Global Economic Prospects 2010 report.


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  • Washington DC, January 20th, 2010—The worst of the financial crisis is over but the global economic recovery under way is fragile and could slow later this year.

    Globally, economies are expected to grow 2.7 percent this year. Projections for 2011 vary from 2.6 percent growth to almost 4 percent because it is hard to predict when stimulus packages will be withdrawn, and how confident businesses and consumers will be.

    What is certain is the crisis has taken a toll on developing countries, propelling into extreme poverty 64 million more people, straining already weak economies.

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