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World Bank Commends British, Dutch Authorities for Actions

Press Release No:2012/129/INT

WASHINGTON, October 25, 2011 - The World Bank today issued the following statement concerning legal actions taken by authorities in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands in response to a referral from the World Bank concerning allegations of corruption:


 "As a result of a preliminary investigation by the World Bank Group Integrity Vice Presidency, and our referral of that information to the relevant authorities in recent months, the British and Dutch governments have launched a joint investigation into corruption involving a number of World Bank financed projects, implicating a Dutch company and a former World Bank short-term consultant.


We have been informed that in connection with this investigation, earlier today, both the Dutch and British authorities executed warrants.


We commend the British and Dutch governments for their robust response to the allegations of corruption and look forward to the outcome of their legal actions.


As in similar cases, the Bank is finalizing its own investigation into the matter, and will take appropriate action against entities and individuals implicated in wrongdoing."





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