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World Bank Group's ICT Strategy 2012-2015 Consultations

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) play a key role in development and economic growth.
 But ICT development cannot be limited to increasing access alone. To effect the most positive change, the development community must also focus on leveraging ICT’s power to transform economies.

The World Bank Group (WBG) is developing a new ICT Sector strategy that better incorporates ICT’s transformational power into its work. The strategy will take a cross-sectoral approach that focuses on three pillars:

The WBG consulted with external and internal stakeholders to refine and strengthen the strategy. We sought views from all stakeholders on where and how to focus our financial and advisory services within this constantly-changing sector.


  IEG Evaluation
Read the Independent Evaluation Group's evaluation of the World Bank Group's interventions in the ICT sector.
IEG Article - Full Report
(pdf 108p 2Mo)


1. Watch our Introductions

Introductions in Non-English official languages 
(Video 4 minutes)
[عربي], [中文], [Español], [Français], [Русский]

Invitation to Participate 
(Video 6 minutes)
[عربي], [中文], [Español], [Français], [Русский]


2. Understand our Proposed Approach

Approach Paper 
(PDF 30p)
[English PDF], [English HTML] 
Preliminary translations: [عربي], [中文], [Español], [Français], [Русский]  
Table of contents of proposed Strategy 
Press Release 

Approach Slideshow presented by the WB ICT Sector Manager
(Video 24min)
] Part 1 (14min) Part 2 (10min)

Approach Slideshow in Prezi format

Approach Slideshow in PDF format
(PDF 23 slides)
[عربي], [中文], [Español], [Français], [Русский] 

3. Read additional Background Materials

Other Materials
Background Brief - 2001 ICT Strategy 
Success Stories - Selected ICT Projects  


Other WBG Strategy Consultations
Energy, Environment, Social Protection, Trade, Urban Development


4. Meet with Us

Sign-up for face-to-face consultations or participate online.
Consultations Calendar, Meeting Reports

Consultation Plan 
Virtual Consultations (Feb) Worldwide real-time meetings with you.

5. Share your Views Online

Consultation Questionnaire 
We are seeking your views on our Approach Paper (see above). If you cannot attend a face-to-face consultation, we would still like to hear from you. Please use the online questionnaire to the right, and your comments will be routed to the authors of the ICT Sector Strategy. A similar online consultation on the Sector Strategy will be conducted on this website at a later date. We thank you in advance for your time.

Share Your Views!