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Turkmenistan Interim Strategy Note for FY 2014-15: Status

Available in: русский

Since August, 2012, the World Bank Group has been engaged in a series of consultations on the new partnership strategy for financial years 2014-15 with representatives of Turkmen ministries and agencies, the international donor community, the private sector and civil society.

In-country consultations consisted of presentations delivered by the World Bank Group staff describing the outline and details of the proposed strategy, followed by discussions to seek feedback from stakeholders. The partnership strategy is expected to cover such areas as: macroeconomic statistics, financial sector development, private sector development and others to support Government’s long-term socio-economic development program for the benefit of Turkmen people.

The Executive Summary of the strategy note was posted online on 15 November 2012 in English, Russian and Turkmen.  In addition, an electronic mailbox for comments was advertised online and held open from 21 August 2012 until the present.

Comments and feedback obtained during the in-country consultations, as well as comments submitted by external beneficiaries by email, were incorporated in the final draft which will be presented to the World Bank Board of Executive Directors in July 2013 for its consideration.

The presentations delivered during these Consultations are available for download in PDF format.

Strategy summary:

The Interim Strategy summary is available (in pdf) in the following languages: 
English / на русском / türkmençe 


1. Main presentation (English / на русском / türkmençe)

2. Economic Overview - PREM (English / на русском)

3. Private and Financial Sector Development - ECSPF (English / на русском)

4. International Finance Corporation - IFC (English / на русском)

5. Environment (English / на русском)


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