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Podcast: The Poverty and Welfare Impacts of Climate Change

03. 01. 2013

The Poverty and Welfare Impacts of Climate Change

This ominous title led me to attend a conference given by Mister Emmanuel Skoufias, a lead economist at the World Bank, in one of the small auditoriums of the World Bank in Washington. I was not the only one intrigued by the subject. There were so many people that a television screen had to be set up in another room to follow the event.

M. Skoufias is the editor of the book "The Poverty and Welfare Impacts of Climate Change, Quantifying the Effects, Identifying the Adaptation Strategies." Five authors plus M. Skoufias participated in the research for this book. All I can tell you, before you listen to our podcast, is that if the situation is not all good, it's not all bad either. That spoken like the true pragmatic that I am!

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