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Results Profiles By Region Africa

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Click here to get the Data as per the chosen Date
Nov 01, 2012Citizen Feedback Drives Performance Improvements in Kenya’s Water and Sanitation Services
Nov 01, 2012Participatory Budgeting and Telecommunications to Build Transparency and Accountability
Nov 01, 2012Nigeria: Citizen Monitors Prevent Corruption and Ensure Procurement Accountability in Energy Sector
Nov 01, 2012Nigeria: Culture of Feedback Key to Boosting Community Participation and Building Rural Livelihoods
Sep 25, 2012Tanzania: Country Results Profile
Sep 24, 2012Burundi: Country Results Profile
Sep 20, 2012Results Profile: Rwanda
Sep 20, 2012Rwanda Urban Infrastructure and City Management Project
Sep 20, 2012Rwanda: Improving the Investment Climate for Private Sector Development
Sep 20, 2012Rwanda: Financial Sector Development Program
Jul 18, 2012Results Profile: Rwanda
Jun 14, 2012Liberia: Country Results Profile
May 31, 2012Benin: Country Results Profile
May 24, 2012Results Profile: Côte d’Ivoire
May 11, 2012Uganda: Country Results Profile
May 09, 2012Niger: Country Profile
May 08, 2012Kenya: Country Results Profile
May 04, 2012Mali: Country Results Profile
Apr 19, 2012An Education and Training Network led by Africans for Africa
Apr 19, 2012Creating a National Conversation through Large-Scale Learning Assessments
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