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Results Profiles on Education

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Click here to get the Data as per the chosen Date
Apr 14, 2014Indonesia: Better Education through Reformed Management and Universal Teacher Upgrading
Apr 14, 2014Pakistan: Achieving Results in a Challenging Environment
Apr 11, 2014Mongolia: Improved Education Quality in Rural Primary Schools
Apr 10, 2014Vietnam: Helping 8,000 Poor Students Pursue Their Academic Dreams
Mar 11, 2014Bangladesh: Incentivizing Secondary Education
Sep 19, 2013Increasing the availability of quality educational services for young children, especially the poor, in the Dominican Republic
Jul 10, 2013Mexico Increases Access to Tertiary Education
May 21, 2013Support to education, health, social care, and public utility services for the Palestinian population
May 20, 2013Improving the Quality, Efficiency and Access to Basic Education in Djibouti
Apr 26, 2013Pakistan: Achieving Results in a Challenging Environment
Apr 25, 2013Brazil: The World Bank Partners with Ceará to Boost Growth
Apr 17, 2013Bringing 6 Million Children Back to School in Afghanistan
Apr 16, 2013More Classrooms plus Better Trained Teachers equal Better Education for Grenada
Apr 16, 2013NEPAL: Agility in Fragility
Apr 15, 2013Bangladesh: Bolstering Economic Growth to Reduce Poverty
Apr 12, 2013Vietnam: Achieving Success as a Middle-income Country
Apr 11, 2013Sri Lanka: Racing to the Top
Apr 10, 2013The Maldives: A Development Success Story
Apr 10, 2013Sri Lanka: Rising Up the Ranks While Sharing Prosperity
Apr 04, 2013Timor-Leste: Bringing better education for Timorese children
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