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Results Profiles on Energy

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Click here to get the Data as per the chosen Date
Feb 03, 2014Japan/World Bank Cooperation to Pakistan
May 23, 2013Energy Efficiency in Tunisia: Promoting Industry While Protecting the Environment
Apr 26, 2013Pakistan: Achieving Results in a Challenging Environment
Apr 23, 2013Paving the Way for Solar Thermal Power in Egypt
Apr 15, 2013Bangladesh: Bolstering Economic Growth to Reduce Poverty
Apr 15, 2013Bangladesh: Lighting Up Rural Communities
Apr 12, 2013Turkey: Building a Market for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Apr 12, 2013Vietnam: Achieving Success as a Middle-income Country
Apr 11, 2013Sri Lanka Lights Up
Apr 11, 2013Promoting Productive Uses of Electricity in Rural Areas of Peru: Experiences and Lessons Learned
Apr 11, 2013Reliable Electricity Brings Jobs in Serbia
Apr 10, 2013Results Profile: Energy
Jan 11, 2013In Turkey: Boosting the Power Supply and Moderating Demand
Jan 11, 2013In Turkey: Power from the Earth
Jan 11, 2013In Turkey: Building a Market for Energy Efficiency
Nov 28, 2012Reliable Heat and Light in Moldova's Homes and Hospitals
May 10, 2012Power Sector Technical Assistance Project
May 09, 2012Bangladesh: Bolstering Economic Growth to Reduce Poverty
May 07, 2012Pakistan: Country Results Profile
Apr 17, 2012Philippines: Bicol Power Restoration Project
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