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Results Profiles on Poverty

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Click here to get the Data as per the chosen Date
May 09, 2012Nepal: Helping Rural Families Get on a Sustainable Path Out of Poverty
May 09, 2012Bangladesh: Bolstering Economic Growth to Reduce Poverty
May 07, 2012Pakistan: Country Results Profile
Apr 18, 2012Country Brief: Timor-Leste
Apr 18, 2012Philippines: Social Welfare and Development Reform Project
Apr 18, 2012Indonesia: Women Headed Household Empowerment Program (PEKKA)
Apr 17, 2012Vietnam: Building Capacity for Poverty Monitoring and Policy Intervention for Poverty Reduction
Apr 17, 2012Indonesia: Development Policy Loans 5 and 6
Apr 16, 2012Health Finance Sector Brief
Apr 16, 2012China: Basic Health Services 8 Project
Apr 16, 2012Lao PDR: Poverty Reduction Fund Project
Sep 13, 2011Project Profile: Reducing Vulnerability of Rural Communities in Mongolia
May 03, 2011Panama: Creating Greater Opportunities for All
Apr 14, 2011Bhutan: Country Results Profile
Apr 14, 2011Sri Lanka: Country Results Profile
Apr 14, 2011Nepal: Country Results Profile
Apr 13, 2011India: Country Results Profile
Apr 13, 2011Afghanistan: Country Results Profile
Dec 23, 2010Assisting Timor-Leste’s youth and adults in gaining access to education
Oct 21, 2010Restoring the livelihoods of Tonga’s Niuatoputapu community
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