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Loans & Credits

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Click here to get the Data as per the chosen Date
Mar 06, 2014Solomon Islands - Community Resilience to Climate and Disaster Risk Project (CRISP)
Feb 19, 2014Papua New Guinea - Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Project, Phase 2 - Additional Financing
Jun 20, 2013China - Anhui Xuancheng Infrastructure for Industry Relocation Project
Jun 20, 2013China - Guangdong Social Security Integration and Rural Worker Training Project
Jun 20, 2013China - Nanchang Urban Rail Project
Jun 04, 2013China - Ma'anshan Cihu River Basin Improvement Project
May 31, 2013China - Guangxi Laibin Water Environment Project
May 31, 2013China - Ningbo Municipal Solid Waste Minimization and Recycling Project
May 29, 2013Morocco - Second Education Development Policy Loan
May 24, 2013MENA Desert Ecosystems and Livelihoods Knowledge Sharing and Coordination Project - GEF
May 24, 2013Second Municipal Development Project for West Bank and Gaza
May 24, 2013West Bank and Gaza - Palestinian National Development Plan - Development Policy Grant V
May 18, 2013Lebanon - Social Promotion and Protection Project
May 18, 2013Yemen - Public Finance Modernization Project (Additional Financing)
Apr 26, 2013Zambia - Water Resources Development
Apr 25, 2013Mozambique - Climate Resilience: Transforming Hydrological and Meteorological Services Project
Apr 25, 2013Mozambique - First Agriculture Development Policy Operation
Apr 25, 2013Mozambique - Growth Poles Project
Apr 11, 2013Lesotho - Maternal & Newborn Health Performance-Based Financing Project (PBF)
Apr 09, 2013Benin - Proposed Eighth Poverty Reduction Support Credit (PRSC-8)
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