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Beyond Transition Newsletter

Beyond Transition Newsletter is a quarterly publication of the World Bank's Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Department. The Newsletter covers the key policy issues and policy processes in the transition countries of Europe and Central Asia, offers analyses and lessons across countries, and present interdisciplinary work in fields such as economics, law, and politics. The Newsletter publicizes new, relevant policy-oriented research with emphasis on high-quality research from think tanks in transition countries, keeps track of important activities in the region and focuses on fostering a debate among policy-oriented researchers and policy makers, particularly in the transition countries.  


The Transition Newsletter was founded in 1990 by Alan Gelb and Matyas Vince. The Newsletter’s Managing Editors have been, in chronological order: Alan Gelb, David Dollar, Boris Pleskovic, and Erik Berglof. Richard Hirschler served the publication’s Editor in Chief for 13 years.


Ksenia Yudaeva is Managing Editor.


Editorial Board is comprised of:  Alan Gelb, Erik Berglof, Pradeep Mitra, and Boris Pleskovic.  Olga Mosina is Editor in Chief, e-mail: Andrew Austin (CERGE-EI) is a coordinating editor; Julia Babich is the Production Manager and the editor of the Russian version.


The findings, views, and interpretations published in the articles are those of the authors and should not be attributed to the World Bank or of affiliated organizations. Nor do any of the interpretations or conclusions necessarily represent official policy of the World Bank or of its Executive Directors or the countries they represent. 

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