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Paris - Doing Business 2011 Report Presentation at MEDEF, France

150 participants attended this year's launch of the report "Making a difference for entrepreneurs", presented by Sylvia Solf lead author, from the World Bank Group. Mr. Thierry Courtaigne, Vice President of MEDEF International chaired the discussion. In her presentation Sylvia Solf gave an overview of the findings and guided the audience through the methodology of the report. She highlighted what it actually measures - 11 areas of business regulations, relevant to the life cycle of a small to medium-sized domestic business. One key finding is that over the last 5 years, about 85% of the economies have made it easier for entrepreneurs to start and operate businesses. The presentation was followed by comments from French private sector representatives, Dora Volpert-Boucher, Director, Financial Partnerships, Veolia Environnement ; Jacques Benatar, Director General for CICA (Confederation of international Contractors Associations) ; Dogad Dogui, President of Africagora ; Jean-Jacques Laffont, Secretary General for ALLIANZ ; Michel Demarre, Conseiller to the President of Colas, who explained in what ways they find the report useful and who gave recommendations for new indicators to be included in future reports. The launch was closed by a Q&A session, that focused on the wider context of doing business - as the report only measures some specific aspects of the business environment. The event was organized by the PSLO for France, Philippe Gautier of the MEDEF. A launch of the report was also organized in Milan by the Italian PSLO Anna Carrabetta.

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