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EBRD/WBG European PSLO retreat in London and Paris

February 2011: Some 20 PSLOs from Europe mainly, Canada, the United States, Argentina and New Zeland gathered in London and Paris from January 31 to February 3 for meetings at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London and the World Bank Group(WBG) in Paris to discuss the strategic priorities of these two institutions, how best they can use the PSLO network and to exchange best PSLO practices. This European PSLO retreat was the opportunity to welcome EBRD into the PSLO program and forTeresa Green, the PSLO contact person at EBRD, to get to know our PSLOs. A review of major upcoming business outreach events organized by the PSLOs was the opportunity to promote activities jointly undertaken by PSLOs.


MIGA, Bertrand Marchais

IFC, Oliver Griffith

EBRD, Dilek Macit, Consultancy and Corporate Procurement Department 

EBRD, Peter Sanfey, Recent macroeconomic developments in the EBRD Region 

EBRD, Philippe Belot, Investment Priorities 

EBRD, Teresa Green, Business Development

EBRD, Jan Jackholt, Procurement in EBRD financed projects



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