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PSLO Network: 137 PSLOs in 94 countries

The Enterprise Outreach Services (EOS) team is dedicated to strengthening the World Bank Group's relations with the private sector in order to increase the awareness and participation of companies in development. To facilitate this work, the World Bank Group (World Bank, IFC and MIGA) has developed a network of liaison officers based in business intermediary organizations - the Private Sector Liaison Officers Network (PSLO Network)- working to foster trade and investment in developing countries with the support of the World Bank Group's products and services.


Jim Yong KIM meets with Laurence PARISOT, President of MEDEF (Mouvement des Entreprises de France)

Jim Yong Kim (World Bank) and Laurence Parisot (MEDEF)

On October 29th in Paris, Jim Yong KIM met with Laurence PARISOT,President of MEDEF, the leading business organization in France and in Europe, permanent secretariat of the Business-G20 (B20), long standing member of the WBG PSLO network and 10 leading French companies with experience investing and working in developing countries, particularly in Africa, to discuss the private sector's role in development and French companies engagement in WBG activities.

PSLO Business Mission to Indonesia and Vietnam

Indonesia and Vietnam PSLO Mission
Mission delegation in Jakarta, Indonesia

Over 40 company representatives participated to the PSLO Business Mission to Indonesia and Vietnam which took place on October 16-26. The PSLO Organizing Committee consisted of PSLO Shane Jaffer, based in Alberta, Canada; PSLO Jessie Yu, based at the Greater Houston Partnership, Texas, USA; PSLO Elizabeth Goryunova, based at the Salt Lake Chamber, Utah, USA; and PSLO Nguyen Thanh Binh, based at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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Greece: Opportunities for Business Cooperation and Exports in the Developing World

Greece export seminar
On the right PSLO Theodoros Axilithiotis

Some 35 Greek companies gathered in Crete on October 24th in an event organized by the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce. PSLO for Greece Theodoros Axilithiotis, based at the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI), presented business opportunities with the World Bank Group.

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January 21-23, 2013:
11th Annual World Bank Group European PSLO retreat in Brussels, Belgium.

European PSLO Retreat

World Bank Europe shares experience with EBRD on PSLOs

WB Europe and EBRD

Olena Koval, Head of Business Development at EBRD in London and Pablo Gallego, PSLO network contact at EBRD visited the World Bank in Paris on October 4th to share experience on how to make the best use of the PSLO network.

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The Right Turn: Towards a Low-Carbon Transport Sector at MEDEF

MEDEF October 2012

Some 30 leading French companies in transport gathered at MEDEF in Paris on October 3rd 2012, at the invitation of PSLO for France, Philippe Gautier based at MEDEF to dialogue with Marc Juhel, World Bank Transport Sector Manager, on the World Bank's strategy in Transport and the business opportunitinies it offers.

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Business for a better World in Stockholm

Stockholm Business Seminar 2

Some 150 Swedish company representatives gathered in Stockholm on October 1st at the invitation of PSLO for Sweden, Mariem Skoog based at the Swedish Trade Council, and the Ministry for Foreign Trade to attend a seminar on Business Opportunities on International Finance Institutions (IFIs ) financed contracts.

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Business opportunities on WB financed contracts in The Hague

Business seminar in The Hague

Some 35 Dutch companies in Civil Work, Goods and Consultants from all sectors and size gathered in The Hague, on September 27th, at the invitation of PSLO for the Netherlands Bas Schiperoort, based at NL EVD International, in a workshop co-managed by World Bank Europe.

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Business Seminar on Education in Birmingham

Business Seminar in Birmingham

Some 75 companies, most of them consultants, attended, in Birmingham on september 24th, the Aid-Funded Business seminar on Education organized by Cheryl Boxall, PSLO for the UK based at UK TI in Birmingham.

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United Kingdom Annual IFI Roadshow

UK IFI Roadshow
Justin Kersy, UKTI Washington,Cheryl Boxall, Gilles Garcia, Nigel Peters and Elain Curran

Altogether some 200 UK companies attended the Aid-Funded Business Conference & Roadshow organized by PSLOs Elaine Curran based at Invest Northern Ireland, Alison Mc Kinlay based at Scotish Development International, Cheryl Boxall based at UK Trade & Investment and Nigel Peters based at British Expertise to brief companies.

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World Bank Procurement Seminar in Budapest

Procurement Seminar in Hungary

On September 18th in Budapest, PSLO for Hungary, Gabor Markocsany based at the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) organized a seminar on Word Bank Corporate Procurement procedures..

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President Jim Yong Kim Visits World Bank Group European Teams in Paris 

Jim Yong Kim

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PSLO Mission to Indonesia and Vietnam, October 16th - 25th, 2012

PSLO Mission to Indonesia and Vietnam

The World Bank Private Sector Liaison Officers (PSLO) Network invites you to register for a mission to Indonesia and Vietnam in October 16th - 25th, 2012 focusing on project development at the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, and specifically designed to provide participants with an understanding of the opportunities in the energy, sustainable development (water, transport, infrastructure) and educational sectors. It's expected that participants will include representatives from the private sector from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries.

During the visit program, companies will enjoy the opportunity to:
- Learn what types of projects International Financial Institutions are financing in the select regions, in the environment, energy and education sectors
- Dialog with representatives about project opportunities and requirements
- Discuss capabilities necessary for the undertaking of projects in-country
- Identify specific opportunities for products, services and capabilities
- Further understand how projects are initiated and developed
- Build important relationships on-the-ground in each participating country

For more information on the mission program, please download the program or contact members of the organizing committee.

Download program (pdf)

Procurement Policy Review Consultation at MEDEF in France

MEDEF Procurement Consultations

Some 20 participants, mostly companies and business organizations, gathered at MEDEF in Paris, on July 2nd to dialogue with Bernard Becq, World Bank Chief Procurement Policy officer, on the World Bank review of its operational procurement policy and procedures within the framework of a two-year consultation process from March 2014 through early 2014.

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The Impact of the European crisis on Africa

CPIA presentation at MEDEF

Some 45 companies met at MEDEF on June 29th, 2012 to listen and dialogue with Shanta Devarajan, World Bank Chief Economist for Africa at the Invitation of PSLO for France Philippe Gautier based at MEDEF.

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Belgium companies briefed on business opportunities in DRC and RC

Business Opportunities in DRC and RC

Some 80 companies met at Flanders Investment and Trade(FIT) in Brussels on June 28th, 2012 at the invitation of PSLO for Belgium Johan Malin based at FIT to assess business opportunities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo ahead of a business mission to take place on December 9-16, 2012 in Kinshasa and Brazzaville.

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Challenges and Opportunities in Sustainable Development for the Private Sector

PSLO Sustainable Development Mission in Washington

Washington D.C. - 55 participants joined the 2012 PSLO Sustainable Development Mission in Washington D.C. from May 21-24, 2012, which focused on opportunities in Water & Sanitation, Urban Development, ICT and Agriculture. Participants represented more than 50 organizations from more than 5 different countries that have expertise in a variety of fields related to the environmental sector.

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Latin America meets Central and Eastern Europe in Vienna

Gilles Garcia in Vienna 2012

Some 400 companies and business associations from Latin America and Eastern and Central Europe met for three days in Vienna on May 14-16 at the invitation of WKO, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber-Advantage Austria, host organization of our PSLO for Austria, Reinhold Loptaka , to discuss the role of Austria to foster cooperation between businesses in these two regions.

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North America PSLO retreat

North America PSLO Retreat 2012

Washington, DC - Some 16 PSLOs mostly from the US and Canada but also from Europe (Austria,Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain) attended, on April 23-26 in Washington, the World Bank Group North America PSLO retreat organized right after the 2012 Spring Meetings.

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Upcoming PSLO Environmental Mission to Washington, DC - May 2012

PSLO Environment Mission

The World Bank's Private Sector Liaison Officers (PSLO) Network invites you to participate in a joint mission involving companies from Canada, United States and other possible countries on an environmental sector focused mission to the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank and other US based agencies in Washington, DC from May 21st to May 24th, 2012. The theme of this environmental mission is "Challenges and Opportunities in Sustainable Development for the Private Sector".

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Business opportunities with the World Bank Group in Rhone-Alpes

Gilles Garcia Lyon 2012

Lyon, France - Some 60 companies attended the workshop on Business Opportunities with the World Bank Group, with a particular focus on Energy projects, which took place in Lyon on April 5th at the Conseil Régional, at the invitation of PSLO for France, Florence Lauger, based at ERAI, Entreprise Rhone-Alpes International.

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Improving Governance and Management of the Petroleum sector

Improving Governance and Management of the Petroleum sector

Calgary, Canada - Silvana Tordo, World Bank Lead Energy Economist, was the guest speaker on Improving Governance and Management of the Petroleum Sector on March 28th at the invitation of PSLO for Canada, Shane Jaffer based in Alberta.

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Annual IFI Bootcamp in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

IFI Bootcamp in Vancouver, Canada

Over 100 participants attended the two day International Financial Institutions (IFIs) Bootcamp on March 12-13, 2012 in Vancouver, BC, which focussed on the Energy and Environment sectors. Participants included representatives from World Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, ten prime companies and fifty companies from across Canada. The bootcamp included panel discussions on Energy Efficiency, Financing and Partnership and Business Opportunities, as well as over 175 scheduled B2B meetings. The Bootcamp was jointly organized by PSLOs Siobian Smith, Shane Jaffer, Angela Wasylynka and Robert Roe from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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Annual Franco-African MEDEF Delegation to the WBG and IADB in Washington

Annual Franco-African MEDEF Delegation to the WBG and IDB in Washington
Bernard Becq, Chief Procurement policy officer with the delegation

March 2012 - Some 35 representatives of the Franco-African business sector, lead by PSLO for France, Philippe Gautier based at MEDEF, spent three days in Washington on March 7-9, meeting with staff from the World Bank Group and the Inter American Development Bank.

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10th Annual European PSLO Retreat

10th Annual European PSLO Retreat

February 2012 - More than 30 PSLOs, mostly from Europe, but also from the US, Canada and Argentina, participated in the 10th Annual European PSLO retreat which took place on February 6-14, in London, in partnership with EBRD, Paris, in partnership with IADB and ADB and Tunis in partnership with AFDB. "Eurozone transformation- Role of IFIs and implications for the PSLO work" was the theme of the Retreat which had three objectives: PSLO team building through best practice sharing, for the World Bank Group to listen to the voice of the private sector and for the PSLOs to learn about WBG priorities.


Consultation on the New World Bank Country Strategy for Argentina

CAS Argentina Meeting

February 2012 - In preparation of a new country strategy for Argentina, World Bank Lead Economist for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, Zafer Mustafaoglu and World Bank Senior Communication Officer, Yanina Budkin met with the President of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce (ACC), Carlos de la Vega and several members of its Board of Directors to discuss how the World Bank Group could best help the country to meet its potential and what should be, according to the Argentinian business sector, the priorities of the Bank. The meeting was organized by the PSLO for Argentina, Gabriel Molteni based at ACC.

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Serbia's Competitiveness and Export, How to Bridge the Gap?

Visit to Serbia - Jane Armitage, World Bank Country Director and Regional Coordinator for Southeast Europe

January 2012 - At the occasion of her visit to Serbia Jane Armitage, World Bank Country Director and Regional Coordinator for Southeast Europe, and Loup Brefort, World Bank Country Manager in Belgrade, met on January 18th, 2012 with the management of twenty-eight exporting companies at the invitation of WBG PSLO for Serbia, Ljiljana Miletic based at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS). The focus of the meeting was on economic prospects for 2012 and priorities for Serbia to mitigate the impact of economic crisis, especially with respect to the situation in the Eurozone. The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Mr. Milos Bugarin, informed the audience on measures proposed by the Serbian private sector in order to improve the local economic environment.

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MIGA launches European hub in Paris covering Europe, MENA and Africa

MIGA Michel Wormser

On December 14 Michel Wormser, MIGA Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, met with representatives of the French private sector to present the main findings of MIGA's 2011 World Investment and Political Risk Report in a meeting organized by the PSLO for France, Philippe Gautier of the French business association the MEDEF, and chaired by Mahamadou Sako, President of MEDEF's Africa committee. Mr. Wormser was in Paris to launch MIGA's new European hub which will focus on investors and markets in Europe, MENA and Africa. Managed by Olivier Lambert, the hub is located in the World Bank Group offices in Paris.

MIGA Resources

PSLO Business Field Mission to Colombia, Peru and Haiti

PSLO Mission to Colombia, Haiti and Peru

PSLOs from the United States, Jessie Tan (Houston, Texas) , Rebecca Riebe (Chicago, Illinois) and Elizabeth Goryunova (Salt Lake City, Utah), Canada, Shane Jaffer (Calgary, Alberta) and Belgium, Johan Malin (Brussels) organized on November 8-16, a PSLO business field mission to Colombia, Peru and Haiti focusing on business opportunities with the IFI's. The mission was organized with the suppport of Mittpheap Steele from the World Bank and John Ferriter from the Inter American Development Bank, in Washington, who both participated to the mission.

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Newly appointed World Bank VP External Affairs meets with MEDEF senior management

Philippe Gautier, Cyril Muller, Thierry Courtaigne
Philippe Gautier, Cyril Muller, Thierry Courtaigne

Cyril Muller, recently appointed VP External Affairs, met with Thierry Courtaigne, VP MEDEF International, and CEO Philippe Gautier on November 29th in Paris for an overview of business topics of interest to the French private sector and the World Bank Group (vocational training, Doing Business, governance, infrastructures, among others). They also discussed options for extending the successful dialogue established in the last decade between the World Bank Group in France and MEDEF to a larger constituency which would involve all the members of the B20.

Doing Business 2012 Presentation in The Hague

Doing Business 2012 presentation

World Bank Chief Strategy Officer Neil Gregory visited the Hague on November 17th to present the DB 2012 report. Neil Gregory discussed the report with representatives of several ministries and the business community at events organized by PSLO for the Netherlands, Lotte Schippers, based at NL EVD International of the NL Agency.

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Doing Business 2012 Presentation in Paris

DB 2012 presentation MEDEF

On November 16th World Bank Chief Strategy Officer Neil Gregory was invited by PSLO for France Philippe Gautier based at MEDEF International to present the main findings of the DB 2012 report. Around 80 representatives from the business community and government institutions attended the event, which was chaired and moderated by Thierry Courtaigne, Vice President of MEDEF International.

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Director for Sustainable Development in Africa meets with French companies

Jamal Saghir, MEDEF

On October 21st in Paris, some 30 representatives of the French business community met with Jamal Saghir, World Bank Director of Sustainable Development in the Africa Region, for an update on World Bank priorities within the infrastructure sectors in Africa as well as the Bank's contribution to the ongoing B20 dialogue. The meeting was chaired by Patrice Fonlladosa, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Veolia Environment. The overall high economic growth of African countries gave an interesting starting point for a discussion that covered topics such as good governance, increased south-south cooperation and the growing and complementary role of foundations and the private sector in development financing. One of the concrete examples, where the private sector could play a more important role, given by the World Bank Director, was the need for additional financial support for project preparation required especially for large projects such as major energy and infrastructure projects. Other topics, especially relevant for Africa, concerned the strong linkages between the food crisis and climate change. The organizer of the event, PSLO for France, Mr. Philippe Gautier, based at MEDEF, gave an overview of the preparation of the upcoming B20 business summit organized by MEDEF as part of the G20 Summit in Cannes beginning of November. Extensive international business community consultations have been carried out to provide G20 Heads of State and Government with concrete 100% Entrepreneur driven recommendations, creating a clear interaction between the G20 and B20. The active involvement of the private sector in the development debate was encouraged and welcomed by Jamal Saghir.

MIGA meets with Belgian companies

MIGA, Brussels

Mr. Jan Van Bergeijk, Finance Director, DENYS, Mr. David Mariage, Project Export Finance Manager, SIEMENS, Mr. Louis Bedoucha, MIGA, Mr. Alexander Herring, Member Executive Committee, CBL-ACP, and Mr. Daniel Antoine, Director, CAPE CONSULTING

On October 17th in Brussels, PSLO for Belgium, Alexander Herring of CBL-ACP, organized an information session, at Chamber of Commerce CBL-ACP, with Louis Bedoucha, MIGA, World Bank based in Paris. A number of Belgian companies from different sectors and sizes participated to the roundtable, which turned into a very lively interactive session. Major topics of discussions included general landscape of political risk , role of MIGA in that context and the different types of MIGA coverage offered. Follow up steps will include discussion with local banks to better understand their present needs in terms of political risk coverage.

World Bank Carbon Finance at Medef in Paris

Manager of the World Bank Carbon Finance Unit, Joëlle Chassard

On October 5th in Paris - Some 70 representatives of the French business community, in addition to a few key Ministry representatives, attended a World Bank Carbon Finance round table in Paris hosted by MEDEF (Mouvement des Entreprises de France). At the invitation of PSLO for France, Philippe Gautier of MEDEF, participants were given the opportunity to discuss current carbon finance issues with the Manager of the World Bank Carbon Finance Unit, Joelle Chassard, who provided the participants with a comprehensive overview of the 15 World Bank carbon funds and facilities presently managed by the Carbon Finance Unit. The World Bank pioneered in the field of carbon finance with the launch in 2000 on the Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF). Some 70 staff now belong to a Unit which attracts contributors from the public sector as wall as private companies.The discussion was facilitated by Mr. Alain Capmas, the President of MEDEF climate change committee.

UK PSLO business meeting in Glasgow

UK PSLO business meeting in Glasgow
Gilles Garcia (World Bank), UK PSLOs Alison McKinlay (Glasgow),Cheryl Boxall (Birmingham), Elaine Curran (Northern Ireland),Nigel Peters (London).

On Friday 30th September, Scottish Development International (SDI) in conjunction with UK's Aid Funded Business Service hosted a seminar in Glasgow to raise the awareness of opportunities through the major donors to over 50 companies in the audience. Information was provided  on the World Bank, Inter American Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank and the UN. Companies were able to have 1-1 meetings with Liaison Officers from the British Embassies, based within the countries where each of the major donors are headquartered. The event was organised by Alison McKinlay, PSLO for Scotland, UK.

Africa's future and the World Bank to support it

Africa's Future and the World Bank
Jeff Moseley, Jessie Tan, Vincent Palmade, Anthony R. Chase and Cody Sutton

July 2011 - Some 20 companies from Houston, Texas, deeply involved in Africa attended the meeting organized on July 27th by PSLO for the United States, Jessie Tan from the Greater Houston Partnership to discuss the WB focus in Africa, presented by Vincent Palmade, Lead Economist, Private & Financial Sector, Africa Region, World Bank and where funding streams from the World Bank are heading. Companies present were in agri-business, energy and power, ICT, tourism, civil engineering consulting, and health care. The meeeting chaired by Jeff Moseley, President & CEO, Greater Houston Partnership was followed by a public luncheon attended by 80 participants, including Anthony R. Chase, Vice-Chairman, Greater Houston Partnership and Chairman & CEO, ChaseSource and Cody Sutton, Senior Vice President, International Business, Greater Houston Partnership, interested in learning about the World Bank's new Africa development strategy and where future business opportunities are emerging in the growing business sectors in Africa.

Infrastructure Conference in London

Infrastructure Conference in London

July 2011 - PSLOs for the UK, Nigel Peters and Paul Meikle both based at UK Trade & Investments organised a seminar in London on July 1st to look at funding in the sustainable infrastructure sector by the development banks. A detailed summary of the World Bank strategy in this sector was presented, and other speakers were from the Asian Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, EBRD and EuropeAid. Over 70 UK companies attended, and the day ended with a programme of individual meetings with the speakers.

More information: UK Infrastructure Presentation

Debriefing on G20 Agriculture Ministers meeting in Paris

Debriefing on G20 Agriculture Ministers meeting in Paris

June 2011 - At the invitation of PSLO for France, Philippe Gautier based at MEDEF, Jurgen Voegele, Director of the Agriculture and Rural Development Department of the World Bank, Chris Delgado Advisor and Carlos Braga, Special Representative and External Affairs Director for Europe discussed with some 30 personalities from the french agriculture arena the conclusions of the G20 Agriculture Ministerial meeting which took place in Paris on June 22-23. Emphasizing the importance of productivity gains in agriculture, Jurgen Voegele used the opportunity to inform the participants that the CGIAR Fund Council and associated governance would now be based in Montpellier and the donor plan to increase CGIAR funding from $ 650 million per year to $ 1 billion by 2015 to contribute to the 70% productivity gains in agriculture needed in the next few years to reduce the food price volatility caused by only 4 to 6 weeks of food stocks worldwide. World Bank engagement in agriculture have doubled in the last three years to reach between $ 6 billions to $7 billions over the 2010-2012 period with a strong emphasis on climate smart agriculture, small farms, research and development, access to market and irrigation as described in the World Bank Agriculture Action Plan 2010-2012 which integrates the conclusions on the World Development Report 2008 on agriculture.

- More information on the World Bank Group Agriculture Action Plan.

- More information on the World Development Report 2008: Agriculture for Development.

IFI Bootcamp in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

IFI Bootcamp in Calgary

June 2011 - The program for the 2011 North American Prime Contractors workshop and IFI Bootcamp was developed by PSLOs from Western Canada which included British Columbia (Caterina Papadakos), Alberta (Shane Jaffer), Saskatchewan (Angela Wasylynka) and Manitoba (Rob Roe). The two day program was designed to educate small and medium sized enterprise (SME) on successful strategies that were used by larger North American-based companies in bidding for projects funded by the IFI’s. Representing the IFIs were the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). In total 8 representatives from the IFIs presented. The sectors covered included Infrastructure, Energy, Transportation and the Water and utilities sector. Further, it was an opportunity to create cross-province or cross-country partnerships between SMEs for future opportunities. Six industry-leading North American companies presented on the successful strategies on IFI initiatives they have undertaken and participated in one-on-one meetings with SMEs.

2011 International Financial Institution Bootcamp Program

Russian study tour on Innovation for Development in Alberta, Canada

Shane Jaffer June 2011

June 2011 - PSLO for Canada, Shane Jaffer, based at Alberta International & Intergovernmental (AII) organized a week long study tour for government officials from Tomsk (Russia) to Alberta that was supported by the World Bank. The delegation consisted of five government officials and two World Bank staff who came to Alberta to learn more about how innovation is supported by government, encouraged by educational institutions and commercialized by the private sector.

Business opportunities seminar in Poland

Business seminar in Poland June 2011

June 2011 - A seminar on business opportunities on World Bank and EBRD financed project was organized in Warsaw on July 8th, 2011 by PSLO for Poland, Michal Gorzelak from the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIIZ). Main objective was to present World Bank financed projects in Europe and Central Asia with bidding opportunities for Polish companies. Participants included consulting companies, business promotion agencies as well as representatives of the construction sector. The list of active and planed projects was presented by PSLO Michal‚ Gorzelak who also introduced main rules of earning contracts. Procurement analyst Barbara Ziokowska from the World Bank Office in Warsaw went into more details with descriptions of the most common WB procurement procedures. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) presented the opportunities on EBRD financed projects.

Belgium companies briefed on business opportunities in Indonesia, Colombia and Haiti

Business seminar in Brussels - June 2011

June 2011 - Some 50 Belgium companies, mostly flemish, gathered on June 8 th in Brussels at the invitation of Johan Malin, PSLO to the World Bank Group based at Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) for a seminar on business opportunities with the support of the International Finance Institutions (IFIs) in Indonesia, Colombia and Haiti. The ambassadors of Indonesia and Haiti in Belgium joined the representatives from the World Bank, the Inter American Bank and the Asian Development bank to provide companies with all relevant informations in advance of the field missions which will take place in Indonesia and Combia/Haiti early in the fall. The plenary sessions opened by Mrs. Claire Tillekaerts, General Manager at Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) were followed by one to one meetings with representatives of the IFIs and FIT.


Procurement seminar in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo

Procurement Seminar in Pointe Noire

May 2011 - Some 15 companies from the region of Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo, attended the half a day procurement seminar organized by the PSLO to the World Bank Group in Congo, Nanitelamio Vincent Eudes, based at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Trade of Pointe Noire. Clement Tukeba Lessa Kimpuni, procurement specialist based in the World Bank office in Brazzaville participated to the event aiming at fostering participation of companies from Pointe Noire on World Bank financed projects through a better dissemination of informations on bidding opportunities and procurement procedures. This information seminar should be followed by a day long procurement workshop organized as a partnership between the chambers of commerce of Pointe Noire and Brazzaville to facilitate a wider and better participation of local companies.


Southeast Europe and Mediterranean PPP Forum in Thessaloniki

PPP Forum in Thessaloniki

May 2011 - Theodoros Axilithiotis, PSLO for Greece at the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the Southeast Europe and Mediterranean Public-Private Partnerships Forum organized by the Greek Ministry of Regional Development and Competitiveness and the World Bank Institute. The event brought together public sector PPP experts and managers from countries in Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean region, as well as specialists from the World Bank Institute, OECD and the European PPP Expertise Centre (EPEC). Issues addressed included project preparation, contract management, supervision of PPP programs, fiscal and financial reporting, organization and training of PP Units, and the management of PPP programs.

What it would take to transform Africa's energy sector

Jamal Saghir May 2011

May 2011 - Some 80 french energy companies of which world leaders like EDEF, GDF Suez, Areva, Total or Alstom, gathered at MEDEF on May 16th to listen to Jamal Saghir, Director Sustainable Development Africa, presenting what it would take to transform Africa's energy sector before engaging a very fruitful dialogue on the WBG role to meet the challenges of the energy sector in Africa. The meeting which was organized by PSLO for France, Philippe Gautier based at MEDEF and was chaired by Patrice Fonlladosa Director of Strategic Partnerships at Veolia Environment, came as a very timely follow up of the energy consultation and the consultation on the World Bank strategy in Africa, both organized in 2010 at MEDEF as well. The next step in our dialogue with the companies on the topic of energy will be in Washington on October 23-28 for the 4 th Annual Energy Sector Mission to Washington which should gather some 100 energy companies from around the world to meet with World Bank, IDB, AFDB, ADB and the UN.

Swedish delegation visits the World Bank Group and the UN

Swedish delegation visits the World Bank Group

March 2011 - PSLO for Sweden, Samuel Holst from the Swedish Trade Council in Stockholm, co-organized a trade delegation to the World Bank Group and the United Nations together with the Swedish UN Mission in New York and the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. The Swedish delegation - which included some 18 companies and organizations and almost 30 people - met with different heads of procurement, private sector and public financing to discuss business opportunities and potential partnerships.

Luncheon with Ian Solomon, United States Executive Director to the World Bank

ED for the US

April 2011 - Rebecca Riebe, PSLO for the US based at Global Midwest Alliance in Chicago hosted a luncheon event on Monday, April 4th to highlight the work being done at the Bank, and the opportunities available to Chicago and Midwestern companies to further engage in projects. Rick Stephens, Chairman of Global Midwest Alliance and Senior Vice President Human Resources & Administration, The Boeing Company hosted the luncheon, and introduced Ian H. Solomon, United States Executive Director to The World Bank. Mr. Solomon's visit allowed for further understanding of the opportunities presented by The World Bank Group in key sectors of growth in emerging global markets. Mr. Solomon's executive leadership of the integral US relationship to the World Bank, and his interest in the Midwest community, provided a unique perspective for the audience of 60 prominent business and government attendees.Global Midwest Alliance, the Midwest only Private Sector Liaison Office to The World Bank, was privileged to become the first PSLO in United States in January 2008. The Alliance, in working with Midwestern businesses, has been responsible for an over 80% increase in number of contracts won by Midwestern firms.

Consultations on World Bank Program for Results (P4R)


April 2011 - Some 40 french companies gathered in Paris at MEDEF on April 4th at the invitation of PSLO for France, Philippe Gautier of MEDEF to meet with World Bank Vice President Joachim Von Amsberg and Director Paul Bermingham of the Operations Policy and Country Services (OPCS) department of the World Bank seeking views on World Bank upcoming new lending instrument, Program for Results (P4R). This new lending instrument which complement existing Investment Lending (IL) and Development Policy Lending(DPL) instruments aim at disbursing WB funds with more flexibility against a wide range of program results while improving the overall institutional performance of the country programs supported. P4R proposes to address the management of social and environmental impact at the program level and by using and reviewing the capacity and performance of the governments' own systems to manage such impacts and associated risks, P4R is expected to build institutions and an enabling environment for partnership.

All documents related to this consultation are available on:

Consultation on the World Bank's Social Protection & Labour Strategy 2012-2022 "Building Resilence & Opportunity"

Social Protection Consultation

On March 15th in London, PSLO for the United Kingdom, Nigel Peters of British Expertise, organized a round table, at British Expertise, with Arup Banerji, World Bank Director for Social Protection & Labour in the framework of the worldwide consultations process launched by the Bank in January 2011 and which will lead to a renewed social protection strategy to guide the World Bank Group in the sector for the next decade. Seven UK companies participated to the roundtable which was also attended by Andrew Felton and Cristina Otano from the World Bank London office. A first draft strategy will be shared in October 2011 with all the stakeholders when a final draft strategy is scheduled for discussion by the Board in early 2012.

More information:

Franco-African Business Mission to Washington

Franco-African Business Mission to Washington

February 2011 - Some 35 Infrastructure specialists from France and West Africa (Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote d'Ivoire, DRC and Mauritania) met for two days on February 9-11 at the World Bank Group in Washington at the invitation of PSLOs for France, Philippe Gautier based at MEDEF and Stephane Cormier, based at CCIP/CPCCAF. The mission headed by Patrick Fonlladosa, Director for Strategic Partnerships at VEOLIA ENVIRONNEMENT, Daniel Tardy, President of CICA and Albert Yuma- Mulimbi President of GECAMINES and Vice President of CPCCAF included meetings with WB, IFC and MIGA teams covering one main region, Africa, two main sectors, infrastructure and agroindustry and three themes, procurement, capacity building and PPPs.The mission also visited IADB in Washington.

Belgian Business Mission to Rwanda

Belgian Business Mission to Rwanda






February 2011 - This multi-sectorial business mission which gathered some 30 business people from Belgium was organized by the Belgian regional export agencies together with the Belgian Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce for ACP countries, CBL-ACP. During the mission a seminar on financing possibilities in Rwanda was organized by PSLO for Belgium, Alexander Herring of CBL-ACP with the following panelists: Mrs. Mimi Ladipo, Country Manager World Bank in Rwanda, Mr. Ignace Rusenga, Senior Operations Officer IFC in Rwanda, Mr. Jean-Philippe Kayobotsi, Investment Officer African Development Bank and Mr. Francois Kanimba, Governor of the National Bank of Rwanda.

Canadian Business Mission to Washington

Canadian Business Mission to Washington

February 2011 - The mission which focused in the environmental, education and agriculture attracted over 40 participants from across Canada. The mission was organized by PSLO for Saskatchewan, Angela Wasylynka, PSLO for Nova Scotia, Wendy Luther and PSLO for Alberta, Shane Jaffer. The mission also received tremendous support of Amber Germain and Julie Mann of the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC.

EBRD/WBG European PSLO retreat in London and Paris

EBRD/WBG European PSLO Retreat 2011

February 2011 - Some 20 PSLOs from Europe mainly, Canada, the United States, Argentina and New Zeland gathered in London and Paris from January 31 to February 3 for meetings at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London and the World Bank Group(WBG) in Paris to discuss the strategic priorities of these two institutions, how best they can use the PSLO network and to exchange best PSLO practices. This European PSLO retreat was the opportunity to welcome EBRD into the PSLO program and forTeresa Green, the PSLO contact person at EBRD, to get to know our PSLOs. A review of major upcoming business outreach events organized by the PSLOs was the opportunity to promote activities jointly undertaken by PSLOs.


Aid-Funded Business in Transport Infrastructure

Transport InfrastructureJanuary 2011 - Some 80 companies in Transport Infrastructure (roads and highways, urban transport, railways, ports and airports) gathered at the Westminster conference center in London on January 26th, 2011 at the invitation of Peter Nigel and Paul Meikle, PSLOs to the World Bank Group for the United Kingdom, based at UK Trade & Investment, to listen to WB, EBRD, ADB, EU and IDB presentations on procurement opportunities generated from IFI financed projects.This very well attended day long event included general presentations as well as one to one meetings with companies.

Inauguration of IEICI New International Tenders & Projects Unit

Inauguration of IEICI new International Tenders & Projects UnitJanuary 2011 - Some 200 Israeli companies, in high technology for most of them, gathered in Tel Aviv, Israel at the invitation of the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, the host organization of our PSLO for Israel, Uri Pachter for a very well attended one day business conference focusing on business opportunities offered by the IFIs; in addition to the World Bank Group repesented by Gilles Garcia (WB) and Paula Alayo (IFC) from the Paris office, EBRD and IDB were also represented. This conference was also the opportunity for IEICI to communicate on the newly launched International Tenders & Projects Unit which aims at increasing the exposure of Israeli companies to IFI financed projects.

World Bank Director Zoubida Allaoua meets with French companies

World Bank Director Zoubida AllaouaJanuary 2011 - Some 30 representatives of the French private sector participated in a meeting with Zoubida Allaoua, World Bank, Director for the Finance Economics and Urban Department at the French business association, the MEDEF. Mrs. Zoubida Allaoua presented the World Bank's work on urban development and climate change adaptation, the regulatory and incentive environment for infrastructure development, the strategies for public private partnerships for the financing of infrastructure and urban development, including output based aid and subnational strategies for cities development as well as the economics and strategies for disaster risk management. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Patrice Fonlladosa, Strategic Partnership Director at Veolia Environnement and organized by the PSLO for France, Philippe Gautier of the MEDEF

More information on the World Bank's work in Urban Development.

West Africa PSLO retreat on procurement procedures in Bamako, Mali

PSLO Retreat 2010 in Bamako









December 2010 - 16 business organizations from 15 francophone countries in Africa and Haiti, were hosted in Bamako, Mali by Nonsa Traoré, PSLO for Mali of the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie du Mali (CCIM) for a week long training on procurement procedures with a particular focus on World Bank procedures and the best way for business organizations to engage their local companies on World Bank financed projects through competitive bidding process.The seminar was organized by l'Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) and the APEX-CI (Association pour la Promotion des EXportations de Cote d'Ivoire), leader of the Pro Invest program "AMADE-Pro Invest", in partnership with Alsace International and the PSLO network. Participation from the World Bank included Ousmane Diagana, Mali country office manager, Cheick Traore senior procurement specialist based in Dakar, Mahamadou Sissoko, procurement specialist based in Bamako as well as Gilles Garcia, PSLO network manager based in Paris. Responsibles from the Project Management Units of World Bank financed projects in Mali came also to share with the participants their experience of interacting with companies.

World Bank Group Business Seminar in Warsaw

Business seminar in WarsawDecember 9: A seminar on business opportunities with the World Bank Group was co-organized by the Polish PSLO Michal Gorzelak from the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) and The World Bank Office in Warsaw.

More information

Doing Business 2011 Report Presentation at MEDEF, France

Doing Business 2011 in ParisDecember 6, 2010: 150 participants attended this year's launch of the report "Making a difference for entrepreneurs", organized by PSLO for France Philippe Gautier based at MEDEF and presented by Sylvia Solf lead author, from the World Bank Group. Mr. Thierry Courtaigne, Vice President of MEDEF International chaired the discussion. In her presentation Sylvia Solf gave an overview of the findings and guided the audience through the methodology of the report.

More information

3rd Annual PSLO Energy Business Mission to Washington: Green Solutions to Global Challenges

Energy Mission 2010The 3rd Annual PSLO Energy sector mission to Washington was held on October 31- November 4, 2010 on "Access to Energy for the World: Green Solutions to Global Challenges". It was organized by the PSLOs from Canada (Alberta), Shane Jaffer, the USA (Chicago and Texas), Kasia Batorski and Jessie Tan as well as from Italy (Milan) Anna Carrabetta with the support of the rest of the PSLO Network. The participation doubled from last year, with some 90 participants.

More information

Launch of Regional Report on Natural Resources at Chamber of Commerce of Argentina

Argentina Report October 2010October 27, 2010: The PSLO for Argentina, Gabriel Molteni, from the Chamber of Commerce of Argentina and the World Bank organized the launch of the Regional Report: "Natural Resources in Latin America and the Caribbean: Beyond booms and busts?†More than 60 people attended, amongst others Lawrence Basso Deputy Minister of Agriculture, whom commended the report. Opening remarks were made by the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, Alberto Grimoldi. Both of the authors, John Nash and Emily Sinnott from the World Bank were present.

Read more about the event in Spanish here.

Companies and NGOs develop new water and sanitation solutions for Africa

Safe Water Summit 2010September 30 - October 1: Safe Water Summit 2010: The pressing need to improve safe water in East Africa was addressed at the summit organized by Danish Red Cross together with Marie Gad, PSLO for Denmark at the Confederation of Danish Industry and other partners. The objective was to develop real solutions to the problems of water scarcity and lack of sanitation in Africa, which can be implemented within a year.

More information 

British Companies Visit Mexico

British Companies Visit MexicoSeptember 2010: The PSLO for the UK, Nigel Peters of British Expertise, took a delegation of British companies to Mexico, to review business opportunities in the construction sector. The companies met with Harold Bedoya, Operations Advisor, and Yevania Sanchez, Sustainable Development Department at the World Bank Group office in Mexico City for a summary of the World Bank Group's activities in Mexico, with a focus on the climate change agenda. The delegation also visited Mexico City and Monterrey with a programme organized by the British Embassy, on the theme of sustainable construction. The delegation also met with the Inter-American Development Bank, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, and the Chamber for the Construction Industry. About eight companies from across the British construction sector, from PPP consultancy, through emergency/temporary bridging, to green and sustainable building architects, participated.

More information on the World Bank's work in Mexico.

World Bank Vice President for Europe and Central Asia meets with French companies

Philippe Le HouerouSeptember 2010 : Some 30 representatives of the French private sector participated in a meeting with Philippe Le Houerou, World Bank, Vice President for Europe and Central Asia (ECA) at the French business association, the MEDEF. Mr. Le Houerou presented the World Bank's post-crisis strategy for the ECA region which includes 280 projects ($11 billion in lending in FY10) across 30 countries, structured along three pillars: 1) focus on competitiveness, inclusion and climate change; 2) sub regional approaches; and 3) closer regional partnerships with EU and Russia. The meeting was chaired by Pierre Moraillon, member of the Executive Committee of Credit Agricole CIB and organized by the PSLO for France, Philippe Gautier of the MEDEF.

More information on the World Bank's work in the ECA region


Oct 29, 2012Paris - Jim Yong KIM meets with Laurence PARISOT, President of MEDEF (Mouvement des Entreprises de France)
Oct 24, 2012Greece - Opportunities for Business Cooperation and Exports in the Developing World

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