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Insurance Requirement

As indicated in the Vendor Eligibility Guidelines, the World Bank Group requires insurance coverage from its vendors.

Insurance requirements vary in accordance with the type and complexity of the goods and/or services requested. Specific insurance requirements for each country can be found in the Bank's posted Individual Country Insurance Requirements Matrix (download Excel file). Certificates of Insurance may be required.

Examples of the types of insurance that may typically be required are:

  • worker's compensation or other social insurance required by local legislation;
  • employer's liability;
  • personal accident;
  • general third-party liability;
  • professional liability; and
  • automobile liabilities.

The coverages will be based on the country of the vendor. However, when the work will be performed in the United States, U.S. requirements will apply.

Since some vendors have asked where they can obtain such insurance coverage, below you will find linked the list of countries in which three major international insurance brokers have offices or affiliated offices.


The World Bank Group does not endorse any of these insurance brokers or affiliated companies, nor does it imply or suggest that these companies may be able to procure all types of coverage in all their locations.

The World Bank Group has not negotiated any fees or preferential treatment with any of these insurance brokers or their affiliates. The attached information is provided solely for the purpose of assisting vendors to procure appropriate insurance coverage.

The following table indicates which of the three insurance brokers (Aon Risk Services, Marsh USA Inc., and Willis) are represented in which country. Please note that there may be several other national or international insurance brokers, practicing in any country that can provide similar services.

To obtain details on each broker's representation in a given country:

  • Click on the name of the brokerage firm at the top of the column to access the Web site of that particular brokerage firm;
  • On the brokerage firm's Web site, click on the link to its worldwide list of offices (this may be listed under "office locations" or "global offices" or "locations" depending on the brokerage firm).
  • For each of their offices each of the brokers provides the name of the company in that location, the address, the phone and fax number, and the name of the head of the office.

    List of Countries in which three major international insurance brokers have offices or affiliated offices (10k pdf file)


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