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How to Do Business with the World Bank Group

The World Bank Group promotes open competition through its procurement process. Where master agreements do not exist, low-value acquisitions may be made without formal competitive bidding. All other purchases made by the World Bank Group follow a formal competitive bidding whenever possible. World Bank Group IFBs and RFPs valued  over US$200,000 are advertised on this site. Please see Bidding Opportunities.

For all other purchases, verbal or written solicitations are sent to five or more suppliers selected at random using market or industry directories.

The World Bank Group's terms and conditions are posted on the World Bank's Internet site. It is the supplier's responsibility to review them, and, if necessary, submit comments prior to shipping products or rendering services.

The competitive process is usually based on a combination of the following factors: financial condition of the vendor, product quality and value, wages and benefits, competitive pricing, product availability, online capabilities such as ACH/EDI, and business experience. These factors will have varying importance in any particular procurement.

Vendors do not need to be "Approved Vendors" to participate in the World Bank solicitation process; however, to receive an award the participating vendor must be eligible for approval.

Business Ethics

The World Bank Group procurement activities must be conducted in a manner above reproach, with complete impartiality and with no preferential treatment. World Bank Group staff shall not solicit nor accept, directly or indirectly, any gratuity, gift, favor, entertainement, loan or anything of monetary value from anyone who (a) has or is seeking to obtain Bank Group business or (b) has interests that may be substantially affected by procurement awards.

The World Bank Group suppliers and their employees are expected to abide by the highest ethical, legal, and moral standards in all business relationships. As such, we ask that vendors respect the World Bank Group policy and refrain from placing our employees in an ethical dilemma by offering inappropriate entertainment, hospitality, or gifts.

Supplier Diversity Program

The World Bank Group Corporate Procurement has a strong commitment to its Supplier Diversity program. The maximum opportunity will continually be afforded to minority-, women-, and disabled-owned enterprises (MWDBEs) to participate with us as suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors of goods and services.


Last updated: 2004-06-01

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