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Guideline for Vendor Registration and Vendor Eligibility

I. Who may apply for Vendor registration at the World Bank?

The World Bank’s Vendor Registration form is available at for businesses to complete. However, the World Bank will only process vendor registrations for businesses that have been selected to provide goods or services as a result of either a competitive process or sole source contract award. World Bank policy is that all awards for goods and non consulting services valued over $10,000 and all consulting services valued over $50,000 require competition.

II. What is the definition of a vendor?

For this purpose, Vendor is defined either as a Business or a Sole Proprietor/ Independent Contractor. You may apply as a Vendor if you are either ‘A’ or ‘B’ as defined below and meet the eligibility criteria detailed in Section III of this document.


  1. A Business is defined as an organization that has been incorporated, or registered as
    a company (corporation, company/limited, partnership) that has been established to
    offer goods and/or services for profit. Organizations registered as "not-for profit" (i.e.,
    universities, hospitals) are also considered businesses.
  2. A Sole Proprietor/ Independent Contractor is defined as a person engaged in a
    business as either a ‘self employed individual’ (an individual in business for himself
    or herself and is self employed), or as a "sole proprietor’ (an individual in business for
    himself or herself and who is the only owner of the unincorporated trade or


Current and former Bank Group staff, regardless of appointment type held (Short Term Consultant or otherwise), are ineligible to be Bank Group vendors, whether as sole proprietors or independent contractors, for a period of twelve months from the termination date of their Bank Group appointment. This limitation also applies to entities in which a current or former staff member is an owner, principal, director or officer or holds a financial interest and to entities with which certain close relatives have such connections.

III. How do businesses and independent contractors, become eligible to register as a
World Bank Vendor?

To register as a World Bank Vendor, a business or, a sole proprietor must complete a Bank Vendor Registration Form, and provide the required support documentation referred to on the form. The Business must meet the criteria detailed in points 1-9 below.

In addition to the above, sole proprietors must complete the sole proprietor section of the form. The
response to these questions will be used as a guideline to assess if the work relationship would be
that of a true contractor or that of an employee.

IV. Eligibility criteria to register as a World Bank Vendor

  1. The business enterprise must currently be incorporated, or registered as a company (corporation, limited, partnership) and be able to demonstrate that it has been and is offering goods/services under the business name for a period not less than one year. Sole proprietors/Independent Contractors must be able to demonstrate that they have been engaged in their business activity for not less than one year.
  2. The Vendor should have operated with a positive operating income for the respective periods noted on the form and must provide Annual Reports and/or audited financial statements or certified tax filings for that period which will be subject to financial review.
  3. Financial ratios (e.g., Return on Investment, Return on Equity) must be within the acceptable range for the relevant industry sector. The World Bank generally uses those ratios published by Dun and Bradstreet Financial Information Services as a guideline for financial rating.
  4. The Vendor must provide evidence of insurance coverage for the following categories: Comprehensive, General, Liability, and Workers’ Compensation.
  5. The Vendor must provide client references for work which has been performed within the last twelve month period. The World Bank group may not be used as a reference. (References may be contacted by Institutional Procurement and responses evaluated).
  6. The Vendor currently must not be debarred from contracting with any World Bank member Government or from projects funded by the World Bank or other international agencies.
  7. The Vendor must legally be able to conduct business in the country (ies) for which they are registering.
  8. The Vendor must have more than one business client and not more than 20% of its total revenue can be derived from World Bank contracts. Every year there will be a random review of registered vendors. Should this review find that a vendor does not comply with the eligibility requirements, the vendor will be ineligible to contract for any additional work until the ratio is brought into line.
  9. Sole proprietors must demonstrate satisfactorily that they meet the requirements of a ‘sole proprietor’ as represented in their response. In accordance with the US law, all sole proprietors who qualify and provide services for the Bank will receive an earning statement from the World Bank. (IRS form # 1099)

V. What does it mean to be a Registered Vendor?

Vendors do not need to be registered in order to be eligible to participate in bidding opportunities. However, a vendor must be a “Registered Vendor” in order to receive a contract award. Registered vendors will be expected to maintain their Vendor Registration file and advise the Bank of any significant business changes. Registered vendors may be asked to submit updated and/or provide additional information that may be used in determining the vendor’s ability to participate in specific requests for proposals for major procurements, where additional qualification criteria, specific to the requirement, have been determined.

Last updated: 2010-12-23