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Tiger-Friendly Certification in Far East Russia

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Project #: 05-3845


Russian Federation

Wildlife Conservation Society

Far Eastern Association of Non-Timber Forest Producers (FEANTFP)



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Project Description
To provide economic incentives for local comunities to conserve tigers and their habitat by recognizing sustainably harvested products with a Tiger Friendly

Certification (TFC).

The Russian Far East (RFE) has been identified as one of the world’s top priority ecoregions for its high numbers of endemic species, including the endangered Siberian tiger. The locally unemployed, comprising more than half of the population, resort to poaching and illegal harvesting of forest products, such as ginseng and Siberian tiger bones, to generate income. But by unsustainably extracting these endangered products from the forest, the local communities are also threatening many RFE species with extinction.
Innovation / Expected Results 

This project is innovative in its use of a local animal with “charismatic” appeal as a conservation symbol to add a premium to sustainably harvested RFE forest products. For communities that meet TFC requirements, which include presence of tigers and anti-poaching activities, it provides a link to Western markets by serving as both an indicator of ecosystem integrity and as a marketing tool. Essentially, TFC transforms live tigers from a threat to an asset for the local communities. For consumers, the certification offers a means to actively participate in tiger conservation. Higher profits from TFC products would increase household incomes by 12 to 25 percent for up to 1,000 people-and have a corresponding conservation impact on approximately 400,000 hectares of land. Once demonstrated as an effective conservation and income generation measure, TFC could be replicated in 10 Southeast Asian countries with endangered animal populations.



Project Manager



Trond Lovdal

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