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Healthy & Profitable Small Farms in NE Brazil

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Project #: 05-4572




Joseph Newman(Individual)


Instituto Regional da Pequena Agropecuária Apropriada



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Project Description
To eliminate the negative effects of pesticides on environmental and human health by training farmers in the production and sale of organic produce.
Conventional small-scale farming that uses pesticides and chemical fertilizers has polluted ground and surface water, leading to severe health problems in Brazil’s San Francisco River Valleyregion. Although small farmers are willing to switch to organic production, they have difficulty accessing the markets willing to pay a premium for such products, and may not understand how to mitigate certain risks associated with organic cultivation or add value to produce while keeping cost down.
Innovation / Expected Results 

This project uses an innovative market-driven approach to enable small farmers to migrate towards environmentally-sound farming. The project team will collaborate with local schools to host five organic farming demonstration projects in four municipalities where 135 farmers will be trained in organic and low-cost intensive production farming methods. Farmers will be given access to micro-finance that will enable them to replicate the low-cost farming systems and acquire solardriers. A full-time marketing specialist will work to link farmers to existing organic produce market channels. The project expects at least 50 percent of farmers to be classified as “Organic” or “In Transition” by the end of the implementation period. Farmers will be engaging in sustainable livelihoods, improving the health of their families, using water resources efficiently, and preserving the farmland for future generations.



Project Manager



Aurelio de Souza


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