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Development Marketplace 2005 Winners

 Africa (9)
 East Asia and Pacific (5)
 Europe and Central Asia (3)
 Latin America and the Caribbean (10)
 Middle East and North Africa (1)
 South Asia (3)
 People's Choice Awards (3)


Project #TitleGrant (US$)CountrySub Theme
1610Sustainable Use of African Rainforest Rivers$150,000CameroonBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
3339Involving Indigenous People in Forest Management$150,000Congo, Republic ofBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
2832Hawkers Market Girls Centre$84,703KenyaEnvironmental education and awareness
448Credit for Safe Collection of Used Oil$150,000KenyaProtecting environmental health
869Community Carbon Collectors: Briquetting in Kenya$132,773KenyaRenewable energy and energy efficiency
4726Community Woodlands and Wild Silk in Madagascar$110,075MadagascarBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
2414Jetted Wells: Low-Cost Water Supply in Record Time$150,000MadagascarProtecting environmental health
4700Eco-Friendly Coffins: Reducing Bereavement’s Burden$150,000South AfricaBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
4301Mountain Gorilla Conservation-Based Enterprises$150,000UgandaBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources

East Asia and Pacific

Project #TitleGrant (US$)CountrySub Theme
916Rental Service for Electricity in Remote Villages$150,000Lao PDRRenewable energy and energy efficiency
1962Sustainable Use of the Blue Crab$40,260PhilippinesBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
3765Benefiting from the Dreaded Janitor Fish$143,747PhilippinesBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
3890The Duck Ranger: Rice-Duck Systems to the Rescue$98,882PhilippinesBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
1602Environment Radio Soap Opera for Rural Vietnam$131,800VietnamEnvironmental education and awareness

Europe and Central Asia

Project #TitleGrant (US$)CountrySub Theme
969Stop Cutting Trees to Transport their Fruits$120,000AzerbaijanBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
2224Shorn Solution for Pollution $148,500Bosnia and HerzegovinaRenewable energy and energy efficiency
3845Tiger-Friendly Certification in Far East Russia$97,400Russian FederationBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources

Latin America and the Caribbean

Project #TitleGrant (US$)CountrySub Theme
5117Competing to Reclaim Eroded Soils and Pastures$119,400BoliviaBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
2340See No Weevil$147,850BoliviaInnovative application of clean technologies
4572Healthy & Profitable Small Farms in Northeast Brazil$105,110BrazilBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
5097Eco-Job Training in Peri-Urban Zones$149,928BrazilEnvironmental education and awareness
450Integrated Salmon-Seaweed Cultivation$97,700ChileBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
5195Barn Owls Enforce Rural Tourism in Chile$100,592ChileBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
3485Solar Ovens for Sterilizing Bio-Infectious Waste$133,139Costa RicaInnovative application of clean technologies
5160From Kiln Efficiency to Lead-Free Pottery$150,000MexicoBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
5372Tradable Development Rights in Paraguay’s Forests$111,900ParaguayBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
5371Artminers$149,285SurinameInnovative application of clean technologies

Middle East and North Africa

Project #TitleGrant (US$)CountrySub Theme
1430Reusing Mosque Water for Irrigation in Yemen$126,990YemenBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources

South Asia

Project #TitleGrant (US$)CountrySub Theme
1193Traditional Technology with a Modern Twist$150,000IndiaBiodiversity/Sustainable use of natural resources
343Ground-Source Systems for Hot Arid Regions$139,000IndiaInnovative application of clean technologies
3731"Solar Tuki" – IN "Wicked" Kerosene Lamp - OUT$91,400NepalInnovative application of clean technologies

People's Choice Awards

The People's Choice Awards were decided by visitors to the Marketplace who voted for their favorite projects, and by bank staff around the world who voted for projects online.  These awards reflect the opinions of visitors to the marketplace and the online voting audience, and have no bearing on the decision to reward grant money for the projects.  The winners received gift certificates to the World Bank Info Shop, DC gift packs, and the recognition of being People's Choice Award winners at the closing ceremony.

 Most Creative Idea The Miracle Tree for Clean Water (Nigeria)
 Best Project Display Tiger-Friendly Certification in Far East Russia (Russian Federation)
 Most Likely to Succeed Sustainable Use of the Blue Crab (Philippines)




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