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Development Marketplace Project Stories

Since 1998, DM has invested more than $41M in over 950 projects around the globe through both the country and global marketplaces. These projects address a range of development concerns including education, the environment, health, urban and rural development, social development, and efforts to enhance private sector development. Below is a sampling of projects that have received DM Global Competition awards.

 DM2005 - Livelihoods in a Sustainable Environment:

  Community Carbon Collectors: Briquetting in Kenya

   Rental Service for Electricity in Remote Villages in Lao PDR

   Providing low-cost water supply in record time for Madagascar

DM2003 - Services for the Poor

   Scojo: Low-Cost Reading Glasses for the Poor in India

   VillageReach - Health Care for Remote Communities in Mozambique

   Scrap Tires Saves Homes in Turkey

   HotPot Solar Ovens for Mexico

   Arsenic Biosand Water Filter in Nepal

DM2002 - Empowering and Investing in the Poor

   Local Development Based on Social Capital and Alliances in Argentina

  The "Uhuru": Marrying Freedom and Transport in Zimbabwe

  Same Language Subtitling on TV for Mass Literacy India

DM2000 - Governance, Judiciary, and Vulnerability Reduction

  Exploring Alternatives to Africa's Growing Energy Needs

  Working to Develop Disaster Insurance in Cambodia

  Providing IT Employment Training to People with Disabilities Central America

  Promoting the Right of Egyptian Women to Claim Their Identity and Their Futures in Egypt

  Putting an End to Female Genital Cutting in Guinea

  Building a Sustainable Village Banking System in Nepal 

  Using Information Technology to Promote Good Governance in Peru

  Tapping the Energy of Children at Play to Produce Clean Water and Promote HIV/AIDS Awareness in South Africa

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