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Walk-in Clinic for the Masses


 Project Description

dot.gif Objective:To reduce the incidence of common ailments and preventable diseases through the establishment of kiosk-based, self-sustainable clinics in rural Rajasthan to provide affordable healthcare to poor populations.
dot.gif Rationale:Rajasthan has some of the worst health indicators in India. Poverty prevents much of the population from accessing primary health care for common ailments or preventable diseases such as respiratory infection, reproductive tract infection, measles, malaria, pneumonia, minor injuries, and diarrhea. Though the government has instituted several health care programs, these programs have proven inadequate due to a chronic shortage trained medical staff and the lack of standardized treatment protocols for common ailments or preventable diseases.
dot.gif Innovation / Expected Results:Arogya Ghar will deliver primary care for an average cost of $0.25 per visit – a price affordable for even the poorest. The cost saving is the result of an innovative method of delivering diagnostic information and training to health workers. A system of computerized protocols will shorten the training of time of health workers as well as overcome absenteeism to increase the pool of available healthcare workers and thereby make healthcare affordable. In addition, the innovative computer kiosk system will make available simplified best practices and computerized disease protocols, as well as capture clinical demographic data. Arogya Ghar will benefit the 40,000 villages with vulnerable population exceeding 27 million inhabitants.

 Contact Information

dot.gif Project Manager:BP Agrawal

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