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Self-Sustainable Rainwater Harvesting


 Project Description

dot.gif Objective:To increase rural water access in the drought-prone desert state of Rajasthan in India by introducing rooftop rainwater harvesting and encouraging the state government to expand the program.
dot.gif Rationale:Villages in Rajasthan face a critical water shortage.  With a population of 56 million, the state has experienced 40 droughts in the past 52 years.  Nearly 75 percent of its villages has had a 50 percent deficit in crop yield, jeopardizing the lives of nearly 32 million people and increasing the burden especially for women, who often must walk for miles to collect water.  By some estimates, the Rajasthan government spends millions of dollars in transporting water to rural villages. 
dot.gif Innovation / Expected Results:This project expands a program called Aakash Ganga, a holistic approach to encouraging communities and governments to adopt rainwater harvesting.  It uses an interdisciplinary bundle of interventions, including technology to capture the rainwater, acquiring legal rights to harvest the water, forming commercial bodies with village participation, and transforming water storage sites to be more culturally acceptable.  Previously implemented in successful pilots in three other regions of India, the project will expand the Aakash Ganga model to a village of 5,000 people in Rajasthan.

 Contact Information

dot.gif Project Manager:

BP Agrawal

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