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What kinds of competitions does Development Marketplace run?

Competitions are held at the global, regional and country level.  While at each level competitions have specific characteristics, as outlined below, all loosely follow the same structure:

1. A call for proposals is open;

2. Applications undergo rigorous scrutiny by development experts 

from inside and outside the World Bank who select finalists;

3. Finalists are brought together at the Marketplace to present their ideas to the public and participate in networking and knowledge sharing events; and

4. A jury comprised of seasoned development professionals from inside and outside the World Bank interview the finalists during the Marketplace and then selects the projects for DM funding. The winners are announced at the close of the Marketplace.



The 2009 Global Competition on Climate Adaptation is coming soon. Click here for more details.


What are the differences between global and country/regional competitions?




Country and Regional

Grant size

Up to $200,000

$10,000 to $50,000, depending on country

Length of implementation

Up to two years

Up to one year

Competition theme

Sector-based (i.e., water and sanitation, health and nutrition, etc)

Linked to World Bank country strategy


Identify and fund innovative projects with large potential for development impact

Identify and fund innovative projects that address country-specific development issues

Frequency of competition

Every 12 to 18 months

Six to nine countries per year

Location of Marketplace

Washington, DC


Event administrator

DM team in Washington, DC

World Bank country office