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DM 2007 - Health, Nutrition and Population - Winners and Awards

Winners and Awards

Project TitleCountry of ImplementationAmount Awarded

Identification and Management of TB in Children

Bangladesh $199,941 

Distributing Essential Information on Cell Phones

Bangladesh  $199,675

Suppression of Dengue Transmission with Novel Mosquito Traps

Brazil  $189,220

Sea Gardens for the Coastal Landless

Costa Rica  $198,000

Finca Sana: Health and Highly Mobile Populations

 Costa Rica$199,842 

Fuel from the Fields Alternative Charcoal

Haiti  $199,650

Home-Based Public Malnutition Treatment

Haiti $198,020 

Walk-in Clinics for Masses

India $198,940 

Micro-Enterprise for Nutrition in Rural Orissa

India  $148,463

Clean Water by Riverbank Filtration

India  $189,558

Not Just a Piece of Cloth

 India  $128,047 

Sustainable Sanitary Health for Improved Girls' Education

Kenya  $170,995

Probiotic Yogurt for Health & Nutrition: Women Helping Women

Kenya $154,728 

Children's Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion Project

Malawi $200,000 

Establish Access to CD4 Testing in Rural Settings

Malawi $198,300 

Fortyfying Flour with Micronutrients in Villages

Nepal $191,905 

Implementing MODS for TB and MDRTB Diagnosis

Peru $179,630 

Health Bank for the Poor: Redeem Your Health Goods

Philippines $130,940  

Indigenous Nutritional Food Packages Promoted by Entrepren...


The New Sudan School of Health Sciences

Sudan $200,000 

Talking About Sex with Your Hands


Zambia Outpatient Treatment of Acute Malnutrition

Zambia $195,730 

Health Insurance for Street Children

 Philippines $500