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In recent years, DM has forged partnerships with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Global Environment Facility, Google Foundation, GTZ, the International Finance Corporation, MacArthur Foundation, UNAIDS and the Global Village Energy Project, among others to fund DM winners of global competitions. Click here for a complete list.


For country and regional marketplaces, numerous bilateral aid and multilateral agencies, embassies, local government organizations, research centers and large corporations have contributed to the Development Marketplace award pool.


In addition to funding projects, partners can be active participants in the upstream assessment process and be part of the high-profile jury that selects the winners of a competition. Partners also often serve as keynote speakers in knowledge exchange forums at the Marketplace event held for the finalists of a competition.


The program also attracts numerous consultancies and providers of technical assistance to provide follow-on support to DM winners.


Consider three reasons to partner with DM:

  • DM is  a proven mechanism to fund early-stage development projects through a rigorous selection process that involves hundreds of sector specialists.
  • Almost all of the funding contributed by DM partners goes directly to the project teams because the World Bank covers the administrative costs of holding the competitions, supervising the projects and managing the program.
  • DM is an established launching pad for high-quality, innovative ideas in development -- a large number of DM winners go on to become internationally recognized, award winning social entrepreneurs.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about supporting a competition or providing technical assistance (TA) to our winners. To find our what DM partners say about working with the program, read testimonials

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