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A distinguished jury composed of 36 senior level development experts convened on September 24, 2008 at World Bank Headquarters in Washington, DC to select the winners of this year’s competition.


The jury process is designed to be fair, objective, and transparent, as well as to efficiently manage the limited time available to both jurors and finalists. Jurors were grouped in teams of two members each. After meeting with the finalists, each jury team identified and ranked their top projects and presented their top choices at the jury plenary session. Winners were selected based on consensus.


The jury is typically composed of a combination of senior experts from within and outside the World Bank Group (WBG). From the WBG, this includes Sector Directors, Sector Managers, regional experts and lead staff from the  International Finance Corporation (IFC). From outside the World Bank, the Development Marketplace has invited a range of senior-level development professionals with expertise in sustainable agriculture from civil society, development agencies including bilateral and multilateral agencies, academia, and foundations


Short bios of all of our Jurors can be found here:

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