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22 project were selected for grants from 1,768 proposals at the 2008 Global Development Marketplace on Sustainable Agriculture for Development.


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East Asia & the Pacific 
Latin America & the Caribbean 
South Asia 

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Africa (top)

CountryProposal Title/ Organization Description
NigeriaUsing Cassava Waste to Raise Goats 

University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta

To create a new market linking cassava producers and goat keepers through the introduction of a simple drying technology that will turn cassava waste into goat feed. As a result, the project will increase farming incomes and reduce carbon dioxide wastes by eliminating the need to burn cassava waste.


Locally Produced Bio Fuel Outboard Motor

Mission GoorGoorlu

To introduce along Senegal's waterways an affordable and environmentally friendly mode to transport agriculture products to market. The project uses traditional vessels powered by a locally produced biofuel outboard motor fueled by processed indigenous oil seeds.

Producing Biofuel from Indigenous Non-Edible Nuts

Africa Biofuel and Emission Reduction (TZ) Ltd

To cultivate and sell an indigenous oil-seed for biofuel from the Croton tree , creating a new, sustainable cash crop for smallholder farmers in Tanzania.

Renewable energy-powered milk cooler for smallholder dairy farmers

University of Georgia

To test a reengineered milk cooling system to match the needs of smallholder dairy farmers, resulting in reduced post-harvest losses and increased farm income. 

East Asia & the Pacific (top)

CountryProposal Title/ Organization Description

Micro-Franchising Scheme for Agricultural Services

International Development Enterprises

To develop a sustainable micro-franchise enterprise to provide affordable horticulture services through Private Extension Agents.


Agricultural Cooperatives for Biodiversity Conservation

Wildlife Conservation Society

To pilot Cambodia's first market for payment for environmental services generated from agriculture using a "Wildlife-friendly" branding and marketing strategy.

Legal Education Center for Farmers’ Land Rights

Rural Development Institute (RDI)

To provide free and accessible legal education to farmers in rural counties of Guangxi province, and reach out to local area governments and Villagers' Committees to increase awareness of farmers' land rights.

Value Chain Development for Textile Products

Voluntary Service Overseas

To increase the domestic value of livestock production through better marketing opportunities and services to raw material producers and processors.

Sustaining Nitrogen-Efficient Rice Production

University Of Sydney

To establish an integrated production-supply-extension chain to ensure a reliable biofertilizer product that reduces chemical contamination and increases yields.

Low-Cost Housing: Waste Rice Straw Construction Panels

Ving Sang Ltd. Co (Du Lich Vinh Sang)

To reduce carbon emissions and increase farm income in the Mekong Delta region by creating a sustainable enterprise that manufactures kits for affordable environmentally sustainable housing made from recycled straw waste.


Latin America & the Caribbean (top)

CountryProposal Title/ Organization Description

Credits for Reforestation in the Amazon Reserve


To create a sustainable funding mechanism for the reforestation of reserve land by linking communities to markets for reforestation credits regulated under the country's "Fomento Florestal" legislation.

Açaí Production for Income Generation and Forest Protection

Centro Ecológico

To provide technical services to a local cooperative of small scale farmers in the biodiversity-rich Atlantic Forests to harvest and market the açaí berry.

Converting Rice Fields into Green Fertilizer Factories

Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL)

 To increase rice yields and reduce dependency on imported artificial nitrogen fertilizers through the re-introduction and cultivation of the Azolla Anabena (AA) plant as a nitrogenic biofertilizer.

Organoleptic Analysis to Improve Market Access for Cacao Growers

Conservación y Desarrollo

 To equip coca growers with access to chocolate making machinery so that they can better serve differentiated markets and improve the quality of their product.

Land Ownership for the Rural Poor in Mexico

Agros International

To create two sustainable farming communities through the long-term lease of land and provision of integrated technical services to communities of landless farmers in Chiapas Mexico.

Reducing Impacts of Ranching on Biodiversity

Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda I.A.P.
To pilot a payment scheme for  "gourmet" menu of integrated environmental services generated from intensive cattle operations in the biodiversity-rich area of San Antonio Tancoyol.

Payment for Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Agriculture

Organization of American States

To implement in three pilot sites a menu of agro-forestry practices combined with a scheme of Payments for Ecosystem Services. This will be the first application of Paraguay's Law of Ecosystem Services in the context of a rural farm economy

Trinidad and Tobago

Ancient Cocoa: Modern Genomics Methods Benefiting Small Farmers

Bioversity International

To enhance the cocoa value chain by facilitating the identification of more profitable trace cocoa cultivars using modern genomics methods.


South Asia (top)

CountryProposal Title/ Organization Description

Mini Cold Storage Ventures



Establish cold chain enterprises among trained youth using the latest technology in refrigeration adapted to the needs of small farmers.

Collective Land Ownership Model for Women

Manav Seva Sansthan "Seva"

To demonstrate the effectiveness of a collective land ownership model that provides women secured land holdings necessary for them to adopt more profitable modern farming  practices.

Riverbed Farming for Landless Households in Nepal


To facilitate the use of leasing arrangements for landless households to gain access to unused dry riverbeds for off-season cultivation of horticultural produce.


Multi-Country (top)

CountryProposal Title/ Organization Description

Linking Coffee Farmers to Markets via Traceable Coffee

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative Of Small-Scale Coffee Producers

To support small farmers to obtain a greater share of the value-added in coffee production through the introduction of an online tracking system that will allow end consumers to trace a specific coffee back to its origins - down to the level of the actual farm.


Peer Choice Award

During the DM08 Marketplace Event, the DM Finalists were asked to cast a vote for their favorite project. The DM08 Peer Choice award winner was the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) for their proposal, "Sustainable Charcoal Production by Women in Mozambique". For more details, please see the coverage on the DM Blog.


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