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Using Cassava Waste to Raise Goats


 Project Description

dot.gif Objective: To create a new market linking 3,600 cassava processors and 600 goat-keepers for the use of cassava waste in goats’ diets; to increase farming incomes by about US$300 per year and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by eliminating the need to burn cassava wastes in 12 cassava processing centers.
dot.gif Rationale: Nigeria is the largest cassava producer in the world, with an annual production of over 40million MT, of which over 90 percent is processed and consumed locally. Cassava waste is considered an inconvenience rather than a potential resource and cassava processors usually burn waste thereby emitting carbon dioxide and a strong odor. Drying cassava waste and using it to supplement the diet of goats could yield significant daily weight gains. This product will benefit vulnerable processors and goat-keepers who are threatened by the dwindling access to forage. If applied successfully in Ogun State, where cassava production leads the economy, 200,000 farming families who cultivate land, engage in primary food processing and keep livestock in mixed farming systems would benefit from the project.
dot.gif Innovation / Expected Results: This project will develop a simple and profitable drying technology, currently not in use in Ogun State (Nigeria), to add value to cassava waste by turning it into a new product with commercial value. The project will stimulate a new market niche that is currently not exploited and that would guarantee the initiative’s sustainability.

 Contact Information

dot.gif Project Manager: Kolawole Adebayo
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