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PEFA First Open Forum

3rd May 2012, Miami, USA
We are pleased to announce that the First Open Forum on PEFA will take place at the Spring Conference of the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM) to be held in Miami, USA from 30th April to 4th May, 2012.

Our special “PEFA day” organized by the PEFA program and partners will be held on Thursday 3rd May 2012. We anticipate this becoming a regular event in Public Finance Management (PFM) practitioners’ calendar as the PEFA Open Forum becomes a recurring event promoting open discussions about PEFA with an extensive range of stakeholders.

We would like to extend an invitation to all parties with an interest in PEFA - organizations as well as individuals - for their active contribution and participation during this event, where we will celebrate the 10 years of PEFA’s existence and officially launch the Phase 4 of the Program (2012-2017).
We expect this event to be a concrete opportunity for the PEFA Program - the Steering Committee; partner institutions and the PEFA Secretariat team - to discuss achievements and developments, and more importantly the future strategic orientation and activities of the Program with PEFA clients and practitioners.

The PEFA presentations and panel sessions proposed – all facilitated by PEFA experts - have been designed to cover a wide range of issues around the PEFA Framework and reach out to all our stakeholders, particularly country government officials involved in PFM reforms and PFM experts applying the PEFA framework. Furthermore, panelists from countries with PEFA experience, donor agencies, academia and civil society organizations will be present to share their own practical experiences and perspective about PEFA.

The PEFA day will include a broad set of topics: from the latest trends in assessment of PFM system performance and the future revision of the PEFA Framework to the update on guidance for sub national entities and the introduction of a new endorsement mechanism for quality assurance processes of PEFA assessments (PEFA CHECK). The new Field guide for assessors will also be available and circulated at the conference.

A specific and practical training session will be offered on Friday 4th of May focused on PEFA scoring methodology (including the 2011 revised indicators) and in connection with repeat assessments.

The event is expected to gather more than 200 representatives from partner countries, donor agencies and PFM experts. It will offer the exposure and potentially visible impact of a PFM forum reaching out to a wide ranging PFM community of practice across the globe - and familiar with the PEFA application- with the logistical support and practical experience of a renowned PFM conference organizer.

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