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Lending by Sector

A Bank project is associated with at least one sector, but can be associated with as many as five sectors.  Each sector will have a percentage assigned to it, representing the emphasis of that sector within that project.

For example, a project entitled “Community Empowerment” could be associated with three sectors: Social Sector, Trade, and Communications.  The Bank Team Leader for that project may decide that the Social Sector represents 40% of the project’s emphasis, while Trade and Communication each represent 30% of the project’s emphasis.

The lending volume by sector represents the commitment amount for projects that are approved in a given fiscal year (FY), divided among the associated sectors.  For example, if the above project “Community Empowerment” is the only project approved in FY 2002 and its total commitment amount is $10,000,000 ($10M), the lending volume for FY 2002 is $4M for Social Sector (40% of $10M), $3M for Trade (30% of $10M), and $3M for Communication (also 30% of $10M).

In the “Lending by Sector” report, the first pie chart represents the number of projects within each sector that were approved in a given FY.  The second pie chart represents the commitment amount of the projects (in millions of U.S. dollars) within each sector that were approved in a given FY.

You can view different fiscal years of data by selecting a different FY in the Fiscal Year dropdown, and specify the lending volume based on a specific product line by clicking on the Product Line dropdown arrow.  Click “Go” to re-run the report with the settings you have chosen.

Clicking on a sector in the legend next to the graphs takes you to a list of projects that are associated with that sector.

Please note: The default graphs on this tab represent aggregate information for five previous years. To limit the information to a particular fiscal year, select the year in the drop-down menu and click on 'go'.

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