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About This Page


Lending Summary

The IBRD/IDA country lending summary page is designed to provide a historical/current summary statement of the loan/credit/grant portfolio of a country on the last day of a month. The page has two sections – the first section indicates the number of loans/credits/grants in various stages of their life cycle and the second section provides the USD equivalent amounts of the loans/credits/grants on the last day of a month. This page gives a detailed overview of the entire loan portfolio of a country.

Number of Loans/Credits/Grants

This section specifies the various loan types in a country’s portfolio in various stages of their life cycle i.e. disbursing, repaying, fully repaid and others. The “disbursing loans” may include loans that are also repaying, the “repaying loans” show number of loans that are fully disbursed for which principal repayment has commenced, the “fully repaid” loans show number of loans that have matured and the “other loans” indicate either: (a) loans approved and signed but not effective or, (b) fully cancelled loans.

Loans/Credits/Grants summary in USD equivalent

This section shows the USD equivalent of loans/ credits/grants in a country’s portfolio on a month end date. The summary shows the aggregated USD equivalent of various loan portfolio parameters in a country’s portfolio at the IBRD loan / IDA credit or IDA grant level. These portfolio parameters are: (a)Original Principal, (b) cancellations, (c) disbursed amount, (d) undisbursed balances, (e) repaid amounts, (f) due amounts and, (g) obligations net of exchange adjustments.


Loan Type

A type of loan/loan instrument for which distinctive accounting and/or other actions need to be performed.

Loan Type Descriptions:

BLNC - Contingency B Loans
BLNG - Guarantee B Loans
BLNI - IDA Guarantee
BLNR - Regular B Loans
BTF - Billable Trust Fund
COFN - Co-Financed Non Trust Funds
CPL - Currency Pooled Loans
CPLG - Pooled Loan Group
DSTF - Debt Service Trust Funds
EEC - EEC Credits
FSL - Fixed Spread Loans
FSLG - FSL Loan Group
GRTD - IDA Development Grants
IBRD - Default IBRD Loan Type
IDA - IDA Credits
IDAD - IDA Default Loan Type for Rules
IDAG - IDA Credit Group
IF - Interim Fund
IFCM - IFC Master Loans
IFCT - IFC - Tranche and NPL Loans
NPL - Non Pooled Non-IFC Loans
NPLG - Non-Pooled Loan Group
SCL - Single Currency Loans
SCLG - Single Currency Loan Group
SCPD - Single Currency Pooled Loans - USD
SCPF - Single Currency Pooled Loans - CHF
SCPM - Single Currency Pooled Loans - DEM
SCPY - Single Currency Pooled Loans - JPY
SF - Special Fund Credits
SPPF - Special PPFs
TF - Trust Funds
TPS - Third Party Sales

Original Principal (USD Eq)

The original US dollar equivalent amount of the loan as calculated using the loan approval date as the exchange rate date. For converted loans (CPL, SCP/SCL) and IDA credits with an MDRI component, amounts shown are net of transferred amounts / application of MDRI.

Cancellations (USD Eq)

1) The principal amount of the loan in US dollars equivalent that has been cancelled.
2) The amount of a category allocation in US dollars equivalent that has been cancelled

Disbursed (USD Eq)

The total amount disbursed in US dollars calculated at the exchange rate on the value date of the individual disbursements.

Undisbursed Balance (USD Eq)

The amount of the loan/credit/grant, calculated in US dollars equivalent on the date of the summary, that is still available to be drawn down.

Repaid (USD Eq)

Total principal amounts prepaid and regular repayments paid.

Due (USD Eq)

The USD equivalent of the outstanding loan amount based upon historical exchange rates.

Exchange Adjustment

The difference between the historic and current value as a result of exchange rate changes.

Borrower Obligation (USD Eq)

The borrower obligation (BO) is the estimated outstanding balance for the loan/credit as of today in US dollars equivalent. This amount represents all disbursements less principal repayments to date and excludes overdues.

Note: The BO is available only for IBRD loans and IDA credits but not for grants or trust funds.

The BO does not include overdues or undisbursed amounts.