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Sectors & Themes, updated

In November 2001, a decision was taken by the Bank's Management Committee to use a new system of themes and sectors in order to better measure the Bank's operational work.   The current sectors now conform with UN standards.  The themes facilitate measuring progress towards strategic goals. 

The current* sector list can be found in the Browse By Sector page.  There may be up to five Sectors,  allocated by % of funds committed for each sector to that project.

The current* theme list can be found in the Browse By Theme page.  There may be up to five Themes for one project. 

The above schemes have not been applied retrospectively.  Prior to the introduction of themes, projects were only classified by the Old Sector list


* In October 2003, some minor changes were introduced to these schemes, as follows:


57 - "Civic engagement, participation and community driven development" changed to "Participation and civic engagement"
64 - "Fighting communicable diseases " changed to "Other communicable diseases"
88 - HIV/AIDS   (new)
89 - Injuries and non-communicable diseases  (new)

BK - Compulsory health finance  (new)
FB - "Health insurance" becomes "Non-compulsory health finance"

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