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In general, World Bank lending projects follow the standard project cycle. There are some variations in the project cycle among some of the  product lines.

For the purposes of the Projects database, the status means the following:

Pipeline = The Project Information Document (PID) has been received by the Bank's InfoShop 
 but the project has not yet been approved for funding.

Not all product lines require a PID. In these cases (GEF Medium-Sized, Special Financing, Carbon Offset, and Debt Reduction Facility), information is not available until the project reaches Active status (unless a PID has been prepared despite it not being required).

(Note: Earlier information about projects may be available from the Monthly Operational Summary.)

Active = The project has been approved by the World Bank's Board of Directors. In the case of the Adaptable Lending, and Learning & Innovation loans, the World Bank's senior management approves the project, not the Board of Directors. The project remains in this status throughout the implementation period.

Closed = The disbursement of funds has terminated or the project has passed its closing date.

Dropped = A project may be dropped when, after more in-depth assessment during the pipeline phase, it is decided not to proceed with the project. If a PID has already been issued, dropped projects will remain in the Projects Database.  Projects dropped before a PID is issued will not appear.

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