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All Bank projects are classified by one to five Sector(s).   Sectors are a high-level grouping of economic activities based on the types of goods or services produced.  The UN classification of economic sectors was used as point of reference. 

In November 2001, a decision was taken by the Bank's Management Committee to use a new system of sectors and themes in order to better measure the Bank's operational work.  Important differences from the old use of sectors include the following:

  • a project may now be classified by one to five sectors
  • each sector is now assigned a percentage of total funds committed
  • the current list of sectors is different than the old list of sectors
  • many of the older projects were not mapped to the new list of sectors
  • the old sector classification of the project is still listed in the project details under Old Sector.

For example, the current list of sectors excludes issues such as Environment or Rural Development because these are now considered themes (or outcomes).

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