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Country Assistance Strategies

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The World Bank prepares a Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) for active borrowers from the International Development Association (IDA) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). The CAS takes as its starting point the country’s own vision for its development, as defined in a Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper or other country-owned process. Oriented toward results, the CAS is developed in consultation with country authorities, civil society organizations, development partners, and other stakeholders. The purpose of the CAS is to set out a selective program of Bank Group support linked to the country’s development strategy and based on the Bank Group’s comparative advantage in the context of other donor activities. CASs are designed to promote collaboration and coordination among development partners in a country. 


The CAS includes a comprehensive diagnosis—drawing on analytic work by the Bank, the government, and/or other partners—of the development challenges facing the country, including the incidence, trends, and causes of poverty. The CAS identifies the key areas where the Bank Group's assistance can have the biggest impact on poverty reduction. In its diagnosis, the CAS takes into account the performance of the Bank’s portfolio in the country, the country’s creditworthiness, state of institutional development, implementation capacity, governance, and other sectoral and cross-cutting issues. From this assessment, the level and composition of Bank Group financial, advisory, and/or technical support to the country is determined. To track implementation of the CAS program, the CAS is increasingly results-focused. It includes a framework of clear targets and indicators to monitor Bank Group and country performance in achieving stated outcomes.

Additional Information
CASs are available through Documents and Reports

• Operational Manual BP 2.11: Country Assistance Strategies 
• Guidance to Staff on the Country Assistance Strategy Completion Report( January, 2011)
 Guidelines to Staff for CASs Products (April 2012) 





Last updated: 2012-05-24