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There are several contacts for Project & Program information.

Regional External Affairs - If you have general inquiries about a project, please contact the External Affairs contact covering the relevant country or region.

Procurement/Tender- Please refer to the procurement website for general questions.  Often the contact information for the implementing agency is available in either the Monthly Operational Summary or the Project Information Document. 

Public Information Centers(InfoShop) - To obtain project/operational documents.  Note that there are Public Information Centers in many countries, so consider contacting the one located in your country. 

Disclosure Help Desk  - For questions regarding the application of the disclosure policy or any of the initiatives implemented under the revised disclosure policy.

Archives - For inquiries about older projects and/or obtaining archived documents.

Project Database - For inquiries about how the Project Database works or requests to obtain datasets from the portfolio.  Please refer to the Help/FAQfirst.

For additional contact information, please see the general Contact Us.


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