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Review of World Bank Conditionality

Last updated 12/4/2007



NEWConditionality in Development Policy Lending, December 4, 2007

Good Practice Principles for the Application of Conditionality: A Progress Report

Review of World Bank Conditionality

Conditionality Revisited: Development Policy Forum

Conditionality Revisited, Concepts, Experiences and Lessons.
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In 2005, the World Bank took stock of its practices in the use of conditionality in policy-based lending, and prepared a series of review papers of recent trends and approaches and lessons learned. The papers explore new approaches to specific implementation issues, such as predictability and harmonization, and ways to determine the appropriate level, content, and scope of conditionality. Background material for the 2005 review is available here.

Since then, the World Bank from time to time reports on the use of conditionality in development policy lending. A first update on implementation of conditionality was discussed by the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors in December 2006.

During 2007, the World Bank reviewed its latest experience with conditionality in development policy lending based on a comprehensive review of all operations approved during its 2007 fiscal year. The resulting report on  Conditionality in Development Policy Lending was discussed by the Board of Executive Directors in December 2007. It also draws on a series of consultations in eight IDA-eligible countries during July-September 2007. Background material on the individual country consultations is posted below.

The 2007 report confirms that Bank support remains broadly consistent with the good practice principles on conditionality. In particular, the paper gives evidence for government ownership of Bank-supported programs, including where they support sensitive reforms, and for the use of analytic work to address poverty and social impacts of policies . Progress has also been made in other areas: (a) sensitive reforms are rarely used in fragile environments and only when there is sufficiently strong evidence of ownership; (b) use of process conditions is rare; (c) matrix sizes have been sharply reduced, and a further reduction may not be possible without harming harmonization efforts; (d) in many countries the Bank is working closely with financial partners in harmonizing support around government budget cycles; (e) the Bank maintains a strong record of predictability of its budget support; and (f) results frameworks have been strengthened through the more systematic use of baseline indicators.  


Information Related to the 2007 Conditionality Consultations with IDA-Eligible Countries

Process Note for the Consultations, June 2007

Participants in consultations will receive the 2005 conditionality review and the 2006 update as background material. Both documents are available through links provided above. Additional material on recent policy-based lending operations and policy matrices will be provided on a country specific basis. Country-specific powerpoint presentations for the consultations will be posted below as they become available.



Date of Consultation (s) ChairpersonRapporteur  Country-specific materialSummary of Discussions
 1BeninNouredine Kane Dia, Sylvie NenoneneSeptember 18, 2007Representative of the Netherlands    Final Report
 2HaitiRoberts Waddle, Emmanuel Pinto MoreiraSeptember 27,
Representative of Spain    Summary of Meeting
 3MaliAbdoulaye Konaté,
Fily Sissoko Bouare,
Safiatou Dicko Ba
July 17, 2007

Ambassador of the Netherlands

Director of the Canadian cooperation (CIDA) Mali DPL Conditionality Consultations

List of participants

Summary of Meeting
4MozambiqueGreg BinkertAugust 24, 2007 (Govt. and development partners)
August 27, 2007 (CSOs, academia, private sector, parliament)
Head of Norwegian CooperationHead of Swedish CooperationConditionality Consultations revised
 5  PakistanUzma IkramJuly 12, 2007 and July 23, 2007Ishrat Hussain, Chairman National Commission for Governance Reforms and Shahnaz Wazir Ali, Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy (PCP) DfID representativePakistan Presentation

Report on Civil Society Consultation

Report on Consultation with Govt-Donors
 6RwandaVictoria KwakwaJuly 18, 19, 20, 2007Consultants Consultants List of Participants

Final Report

 7VietnamLasse Melgaard, Mai Thi Hong Bo
Martin Rama 

September 11, 2007 (NGOs)

September 14, 2007 (government)

September 14 (private sector)

September 19, 2007 (donors)

NGO representative

DFID representative



    Vietnam Conditionality Consultations

Patricia Palale,
Jos Verbeek

August 30, 2007 (Govt. and Cooperating partners) August 31, 2007 (CSO, Academia, private sector).

 Representative from German aid agency ConsultantZambia Consultation

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