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Procurement under World Bank-financed projects results in the award of about 20-30,000 contracts with a total value of about $20 billion each year. Of these, about 7,000 contracts (particularly large-value contracts) are reviewed by The World Bank staff prior to the contract award.  Information on the winning contracts, which were subject to the Bank's review, is publicly available after the contracts have been signed.  The thresholds for prior review vary from loan to loan, and country to country, as specified in the procurement schedule of the Legal Agreement.

What is the scope of the Contract Awards database?

How can I access information about Contract Awards?

What is the difference between advanced search and simple search, and when should each be used?

How can I search Contract Awards when the search page is not working?

How often is Contract Awards database updated?

Where can information about business opportunities, such as planned procurement and tenders, be found?

Where can I comment on a contract or state my views?

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What are the definitions of the searchable fields and other data in the details page?

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