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Available in: русский, العربية, 中文

Keywords Search matches keyword(s) in the project name, country, sector, project id, loan/credit number, task lead name, and, if available, keywords found in the abstracts of the Project Appraisal Document or Staff Appraisal Report.


In Advanced Search, there are three keywords search options: all words, any words, and exact phrase.  The “All words” option is set as a default.

  • All words:  This option searches more than two words with an invisible “and” in between each one of them.  It pulls project records that contain all words entered.  For example, search words “China Water” pull records with both “China” and “water”.
  • Any words:   This option searches with an invisible “or” between the search words.  Search words “China Water” here mean “China or Water”.   Project records that contain either word will be retrieved.
  • Exact phrase:   This option is used for the fixed phrase search only. This means that you should enter the exact phrase in the search field. For example, if you enter the search phrase “World Bank”, the results will appear in the same form: “World Bank” with the word “World” next to the word “Bank”, nothing in between.

Simple Search doesn’t have above options for selection.  “All words” search is set as default here.


In all cases, the wildcard symbol for searching variations of a keyword is the percent symbol "%".   For example, "green%" will search for green, greening, greenhouse, etc.

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