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IDF - Institutional Development Fund

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Institutional Development Fund (IDF) is a World Bank grant facility launched in 1992 as a recommendation of the Task Force on Technical Assistance. The IDF was designed to finance quick, action-oriented, discrete, generally innovative, upstream (1) capacity-building activities that are identified during (and closely linked to) the Bank's (2) policy dialogue and economic and sector work.

The IDF is considered a fund of last resort and is not meant to finance activities that can be funded on a timely basis, through ongoing projects, economic and sector work, or the Project Preparation Facility. Nor is it meant to finance activities that can be financed by other donors or other Bank instruments, such as learning and innovation loans.  IDF grants may be used as leverage to enable clients to develop an idea sufficiently to seek grants from other sources, such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the European Union, and bilateral donors. Especially when an IDF grant addresses deep-seated institutional issues, broader support than that of the Bank is often needed to ensure follow-up activities.

Individual IDF grants may be as small as US$50,000, and they do not exceed US$500,000. Because IDF resources are limited and the demands for them are growing, grant proposals are subject to stringent review and a high degree of selectivity.

Focus Areas

The IDF program is expected to focus its activities on specific priority areas. The four focus areas are:

  • Public expenditure management and financial accountability
  • Procurement
  • Results-oriented monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Systemic legal and judicial reforms

For more information please contact a World Bank country office or the IDF Secretariat in Washington DC  - tel. (202) 473-4786.