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Mexico: Hybrid Solar Thermal Power Plant

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WASHINGTON, October 5, 2006- The following project was approved today by the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors:

GEF GRANT: $49.35 million
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project will contribute to reduce GHG emissions from anthropogenic sources through the installation of an Integrated Solar Combined Cycle System (ISCCS) using solar parabolic trough technology. The project, known as Agua Prieta II, will be located at the North of Mexico in the State of Sonora, within the world’s solar belt, where there is potential for replication. The Agua Prieta II will be the first of its kind, penetrating the electricity market in Mexico and Latin America.

For project details, please call Alejandra Viveros at (202) 473-4306 or email

For more information, please visit the Projects website.

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