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Policies and Procedures

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Policies and procedures cover all aspects of Bank loan and grant making operations, helping to ensure consistent and open delivery of World Bank loans, grants and other financial programs and services.

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Operational Manual
The Operational Manual contains all policies, procedures, and good practices that are meant to ensure Bank activities are economically, financially, socially, and environmentally sound. Policies on business products and instruments establish rules for lending, country economic and sector work, technical assistance, grants, guarantees and other Bank products. Fiduciary policies cover financial management, procurement, and disbursement.

Safeguard Policies
Safeguard policies address the risks and negative environmental and social effects that might arise as a result of Bank-funded projects. Safeguards are designed to prevent unintended impact from the project on individuals and the environment. Specific safeguard policies address:

  • Natural habitats
  • Pest management
  • Cultural property
  • Involuntary resettlement
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Safety of dams
  • Projects on international waterways
  • Projects in disputed areas

Guidelines for Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers define the Bank's policies and procedures for selecting, contracting and monitoring consultants required for Bank-financed projects.

The Procurement website contains detailed guidelines for the procurement of goods and works in projects financed by the World Bank.

To ensure that loan proceeds are used for their intended purpose, the Bank has the power to sanction firms and individuals that are found to have engaged in fraud or corruption in connection with the procurement of goods or services, the selection of consultants, or the execution of any resulting contracts. Since 1999, hundreds of firms and individuals have been sanctioned by the Bank for engaging in fraud and corruption in Bank-financed projects.

Learn more about the Bank's Sanctions' policy

Access to Information Policy
The Bank believes that sharing information can stimulate public debate, broaden public understanding, and enhance transparency and accountability - all essential to effective development.
The World Bank Policy on Access to Information sets forth a groundbreaking change in how the World Bank makes information available to the public. Now the public can get more information than ever before—information about projects under preparation, projects under implementation, analytic and advisory activities, and Board proceedings.

The Debt Servicing Handbook a resource for borrowers and World Bank staff, covers Bank policies and procedures regarding the debt servicing of loans, credits, guarantees and hedging products. The handbook explains overdue and sanction policy, partial waiver of loan charges policy, and prepayment policy; and it contains other related information, such as lending instruments, financial products and terms, and billing procedures. The Accounting Department manages the accounts of World Bank borrowers using these policies and procedures.

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