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As part of our effort toward greater transparency, we make information about World Bank lending operations available to the public online. This information ranges from project and policy documents to strategy and evaluation documents. External audiences are able to view the status of a project from its initial concept to its completion. The following schedules, reports and databases offer the most up-to-date information about the status of Bank-funded projects:

Board Work Program
The World Bank's Executive Directors consider and decide on IBRD loans, IDA credits and grants, IFC investments, MIGA guarantees, and decide on policies that impact the World Bank Group's general operations. The Executive Directors' annual Board Work Program and that of the board's committees are posted online, along with their monthly meeting calendar, minutes, and planned topics for 6 months at a time. Any current month shows regular and informal meetings, technical briefings, and committee meetings, where projects are discussed at all levels, from Country Assistance Strategies to Implementation Completion Reports.

Monthly Operational Summary
The purpose of this report is to give the public, as well as Bank staff, early notice and a bare-essentials description of the projects that might emerge from the lending pipeline during the coming two fiscal years. The summary lists lending projects that have started through the World Bank's pipeline and tracks them until the signing of loan documents.

Status of Projects in Execution
This status report bridges the gap in information available to the public between the Bank's Project Appraisal Document, which is disclosed after project approval, and the Implementation Completion and Results Report, disclosed after the project closes. The report describes each project's progress and compares estimated and actual disbursements at the project-level. It also lists loan/credit/grant amounts and disbursements for all active projects.

Implementation Completion and Results Report
The Bank's task team, with the input of the stakeholders (borrowers), prepares an Implementation Completion and Results Report at the end of the loan disbursement period, a process that can take anywhere from 1-10 years. The report identifies accomplishments, problems and lessons learned by both lender and borrower in carrying out the project. Bank staff also reviews the final project outcomes and compares them to the expected results. The borrower decides if key documents will be disclosed. The report also describes any government actions and capacity improvements that may be needed to maintain benefits from the project over the long term. And it contains the project team's final assessment of how well the project complied with Bank operations policies and also provides an accounting of the use of Bank resources. From this joint evaluation experience, external audiences can learn what works and what may not work in the planning, management and implementation of a successful project.