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Core Sector Indicators — Overview

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Measuring, monitoring and demonstrating development results of projects and programs the Bank supports is critical—our shareholders, the donor community and stakeholders expect it. Several important initiatives are underway to strengthen our ability to meet this objective.


Since July 2009, the Bank has strengthened how it measures results by introducing the collection and aggregation of standardized data from projects supported by IDA and IBRD. Currently, there are standardized sector indicators (PDF) in 26 sectors and themes along with project beneficiaries and private capital mobilized—education; health; roads; water supply; micro and small and medium enterprise; access to urban services; information and communication technology; biodiversity; conflict prevention and post-conflict reconstruction; social inclusion; participation and civic engagement; social protection; irrigation and drainage; agriculture extension and research; thermal power generation; hydropower; other renewable energy; transmission and distribution of electricity; sanitation; wastewater collection and transportation; wastewater treatment and disposal; forestry; land administration and management; pollution management and environmental health; energy efficiency in heat and power; and oil and gas. Standardized sector indicators for additional sectors and themes are under preparation. The use of standardized sector indicators is being encouraged for Recipient Executed Trust Funds.

This newly aggregated information supplements the more-detailed project, country and sector results data previously available. These indicators enable staff to gather data on a uniform set of indicators at the project level, and improve our ability to aggregate and report on results at the corporate level across the results chain. To facilitate the capture of this key data, Bank systems have been updated to allow teams to add relevant standardized sector indicators to the project results frameworks.

The use of standardized core sector indicators was launched on July 1, 2009.The data collected is preliminary, but the early results are encouraging and show that IDA 14 and IDA 15 projects have already contributed to the achievement of significant results.

Last updated: 2014-01-15

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