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2011 Small States Forum

2011 SSF Poster

2011 Small States Forum: Sustainability of Small States' Development and Growth

Saturday, September 24, 2011 from 9:00 a.m.- 1:15 p.m. (with breakfast and registration beginning 8:30 a.m.) in World Bank Conference room J B1-080


New: Background Documents for the 2011 Small States Forum 

The photos from the 2010 Small States Forum are available online! 


Small States Forum

New: The photos from the 2011 Small States Forum are available! 

The 2010 Small States Forum focused on the development prospects of small states and how the economic crisis impacted key development outcomes. This year, we would like to build upon last year's discussion by focusing on the sustainability of small states’ development and growth over the next decade. As recent events show, the global economy is at a critical juncture. The sustainability of our development efforts during recovery is as important as our actions during the crisis.

In this context, we would like to focus on two critical aspects of sustainability.
(1) Economic sustainability and the nexus between growth, economic vulnerability, and macroeconomic management. This session will explore the challenges faced in maintaining macroeconomic stability to achieve more inclusive and sustainable growth, including the role of fiscal policy, options to deal with rising indebtedness, and the political economy around the reform agenda.
(2) Environmental sustainability with an angle of the nexus between energy security, growth, and environmental vulnerabilities. These are pressing issues, particularly for small island states where the import of fossil fuels has a substantial impact both on the balance of payments and competitiveness.

Technical Workshop

The technical workshop will present analytic work related to debt sustainability and management in small states and will explore options to deal with these issues. It will be useful for small states officials working on debt issues and for representatives of development banks and donor agencies.

Background Documents

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