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Procurement Policy Review: Consultations

Procurement Policy Review: Consultations

The World Bank is reviewing its operational procurement policy and procedures, in a two-year process, from March 2012 through early 2014. The two-stage review will include consultations throughout its duration. The review is being undertaken in response to new demands emerging from a changing global operating context, the diverse and evolving needs of clients, and the varying instruments and changing business that the Bank offers today to promote development. It is in line with the Bank’s broader modernization agenda and reform of investment lending. The goal is to ensure that the Bank’s procurement policy and its procedures remain relevant to today's world and they continue to support development results.


From May 2012 through September 2013, the World Bank is consulting with stakeholders worldwide to seek input to help shape a framework of proposed guiding principles for the revision of the procurement policy and procedures. This draft framework will be discussed at the Board of Executive Directors in early 2013. An Initiating Discussion Paper has been prepared as basis for discussion, as well as a presentation providing an overview of the rationale for reviewing the policy. Read the two-stage approach to the review (pdf), endorsed by the Board of the Executive Directors in February 2012. For more information on the overall process see the consultation plan (pdf). Download PDF of Indicative timeline of the review.

To share your views and recommendations, go to the online questionnaire. If you prefer to download and email the Word version of the questionnaire or have any questions, send them to

  • May 1–Sept 30, 2012
    consultation on issues
    and new directions


    Information about consultation meetings, as well as other events where the Bank participates, will be posted when the location is confirmed.

    City Country Date Details
    Tirana Albania May 25, 2012 Consultation with participants of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Procurement Forum
    Amman Jordan June 7, 2012 Consultation with participants of the Middle East and Northern Africa Procurement Conference
    Issyk-Kul Kyrgyzstan June 11, 2012 Consultation with Participants of Central Asia Regional Office Procurement Workshop
    Copenhagen Denmark June 26, 2012 Multi-stakeholder Consultation
    The Hague The Netherlands June 27-28, 2012 Multi-stakeholder Consultation hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation
    London United Kingdom June 28, 2012 Multi-stakeholder Consultation
    Berlin Germany June 28, 2012 Multi-stakeholder Consultation
    Brussels Belgium June 29, 2012 Multi-stakeholder Consultation
    Paris France July 2, 2012 Multi-stakeholder Consultation hosted by MEDEF
    Paris France July 3, 2012 Consultation with Confederation of International Contractors' Associations

  • Oct–Nov 2012
    Summary of all feedback
    received posted online.
    Outline of guiding

    Summary of all feedback on line and outline of guiding principles.

    The summary of overall feedback and outline of guiding principles will be posted here in October 2012.

  • EARLY 2013
    Board discussion on
    findings and draft
    proposed guiding
    principles for revision
    of policies.

    Board discussion on findings and draft principles for revision

    The draft framework will be discussed by the Board of Executive Directors in early 2013.


Online Feedback
  • Comments received will be posted monthly on this site

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