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Conference: Mobilizing Knowledge Networks for Development

Mobilizing Knowledge Networks
for Development:

June 19—20, 2012

To better understand its role as a connector of knowledge, the Bank recently opened a discussion on the role of networks, how knowledge flows across networks, and how these connections can help bring development solutions to countries in new and innovative ways.

A two day peer-to-peer learning workshop on Mobilizing Knowledge Networks for Development was organized at the Bank to explore ways to become better providers and connectors of knowledge in a world where the sources of knowledge are increasingly diverse and dispersed.

At the World Bank, for example, we are seeking ways to connect with new centers of research, emerging communities of practice, and tap the practical experience of development organizations and the policy makers in rapidly developing economies. Our goal is to find better ways to connect those that have the development knowledge with those that need it, when they need it.

The workshop was a critical component of a community-building effort and a first step towards an open approach to developing the second Knowledge Report on the Bank’s role as a connector of knowledge, learning from online discussions and external communities. About 445 people participated in this workshop, making up the beginnings of a community of practice on knowledge for development.

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