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Procurement under World Bank-financed projects results in the award of about 20-30,000 contracts with a total value of about $20 billion each year. Of these, about 7,000 contracts (particularly large-value contracts) are reviewed by Bank staff prior to contract award. Information on the winning contracts, which were subject to the Bank's review, is publicly available after contract signature.  The search function below allows searches of major contracts that were reviewed by Bank staff and awarded. Major contracts financed under investment lending are subject to this prior review. The thresholds for prior review vary from loan to loan, and country to country, as specified in the procurement schedule of the Legal Agreement. Contracts not subject to prior review by the Bank, and contracts that were signed before 7/1/2000 are not included in this database. The name of contractor, supplier, or consultant shown is the name of the entity who submitted the winning bid or proposal. The name of the manufacturer, Joint Venture partners, sub-contractor, and/or sub-consultants may not appear in this database.

The Keyword search includes words from the following fields: supplier, contract name, project name, Project ID, major loan or credit number, procurement group, procurement type, procurement method, project country, project sector, supplier country.

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