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Capacity Building

One of the stated objectives of the Bank's financial management work is to strengthen institutional PFM systems that would support improved FM performance in client countries. The Bank directly supports capacity building in FM as part of lending operations for specific institutions and through overall improvements of public financial management, for example:

  • the program content of development policy operations (formerly known as adjustment operations)
  • aligning the Bank's requirements for lending projects with the country's own institutional arrangements when circumstances permit. The use of country systems make the Bank's lending activities an important instrument for improved institutional performance
  • self-standing technical assistance and other investment operations (or components of such operations) that include FM capacity development objectives.

    In addition,  Community-Driven Development (CDD) projects serve as opportunities for development of FM capacity at the level of local communities.
  • targeted smaller initiatives such as Institutional Development Fund grants or the use of trust funds to improve FM
  • client learning programs, often organized in collaboration with the World Bank Institute (What's WBI?WBI homepage), and
  • broadening access to and understanding of important accounting and auditing literature, e.g. by supporting the translation of international standards and codes.

The FM Sector disseminates knowledge (e.g. PFM Reform Database) and organizes training events to share experience and promote good practice. A number of country cases are highlighted on this page - see the links on the right.

For further information on capacity building, contact Ivor Beazley,, tel. +1-202-458-7947.

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